sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

I had forgotten

  1. just how busy football season is! These first two weeks, especially. I mean, I did the math, and mentally, I understood that we would be in practice every night, and also that I was going out of town this past weekend, and might also have somewhere to go this weekend, but I failed to translate that into “you will next enter a grocery store sometime in November”. Oops.
  2. exactly why I gave up crappy acrylic yarn. My forefinger is still on fire. I hereby give myself permission to trash the rest of that ball of yarn. Two days of avoidable pain is two days too many.
  3. how much craft stuff I have. It hit me again because I didn’t see it for two days! I will attempt to take measures about that today.
  4. how full the days are. I was working on a non-crafty project last week, and I did not get it finished, and now I need to to fit it in this week, and, umm, this week has plenty of it’s own “evil”. Yeah.
  5. how cranky I get without regular crafting time. See items one through four. It’s pretty darn cranky.

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