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Embiggen it!

Ok, we have officially reached capacity here. And then some. In fact, I am working on a new 101 list, and one of the things on it is too enlarge this house or move. Putting all four girls in one room worked in theory, because it is a large room. However, the babies are constantly in the big girls’ stuff and it is causing a whole lot of conflict. And some ill will, too. I don’t want the big girls resenting their sisters, so I am looking at house plans.

I quite sure that we could not move for less than 250K, and if you’ve read a word I have written lately, you know that isn’t even an option. Besides, I love, love, love my kitchen, and not even country house plans show kitchens this big and well laid out. I told my friend today that the first thing I saw when I walked in this house for the first time was that kitchen, and I knew when I stepped in it that this was the house for me.

I am liking some of the log home floor plans, particularly the usable loft sleeping areas. Even If I could figure out a way to incorporate those into our current house, it would effectively DOUBLE our square footage. Seriously, beds take up a LOT of room that could otherwise be occupied by sprawled out bodies crowded around toys and games, and I really want the kids to be able to do something inside besides watch tv. Right now, we can all gather at the table, and that is about it.

And since I am posting about embiggening my home, tell me some of your best space saving tips. Here’s one more of mine. Get the biggest set of bedrisers at Don’t get the ones from the store, they aren’t as tall. Then you can fit bins of craft supplies under your bed 😉

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