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Baby Bottoms By CassKnits!

collage Some of you may recognize this photo as the collage that appeared for so long at the top of the Holy Sheep Everything Pattern. If you are reading this blog because you found it when HSY was around, I want to tell you how very grateful Carla and I both were for the support and patronage of that business. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we hated to close the doors, but life just got too crazy there for a bit.

Anyway! I’m pleased to offer the old HSY Everything pattern under a brand new name: Baby Bottoms by CassKnits! But Carla, if you decide to join me again, I’ll change it right on back!

E-book for Baby Bottoms by CassKnits! Includes instructions for soaker, shorts, capris, and pants (psssst! We include all gauges too!) All you need in one easy e-book, and suitable for all knitters, from novice to advanced.

Question: “How do I use this pattern?”
Answer: The Baby Bottoms by CassKnits! e-book is broken down for you into three chapters by the gauge of your chosen yarn.

Question: “What is gauge? And how do I choose which gauge pattern I need?”
Answer: Simply put, gauge is the number of stitches per inch one obtains with a given combination of yarn and needles. With various yarn gauges you can create lightweight items for day use, or with thicker yarn and larger needles, a garment suited for even the heaviest wetting baby.

Question: “Once I know what gauge I want to knit in, how do I find what it is I want to make (soaker, shorts, pants)?”
Answer: Just turn to the chapter for the gauge you’ve chosen, and follow the directions! Its THAT easy! The Baby Bottoms by CassKnits! pattern is unique in that you can cast on your yarn intending to make a soaker, but then decide to make pants, even after you’ve already started knitting!

Question: “What if I need help?”
Answer: I’m here to help you! Just click the little email icon right here on this site!

1. Baby bottoms by CassKnits! Soaker, Shorts, Pants /Middleweight………………p.3-5
(CK’s Standard Middleweight and Organic or other WORSTED WEIGHT yarns)

2. Baby bottoms by CassKnits!! Soaker, Shorts, Pants /Lightweight………………..p.6-8
(CK’s Merino Blend yarn or other LIGHT WORSTED WEIGHT yarns)

3. Baby bottoms by CassKnits! Soaker, Shorts, Pants /Heavyweight………………p.9-11
(CK’s Thick n’ Thin, Chunky Merino or other BULKY WEIGHT yarns)

4. CK Short Row Method…………………………………………………………………..p.12

You get the e-book, and as much email support as you need for $15. If that seems like a lot, remember is 4 garments, across 4 sizes times three gauges. That breaks down to less than 50 cents per garment, plus you get my charming and witty email assistance when you need it. The e-book will be emailed to you, as a word doc or pdf, usually within a couple of hours, but up to 48 if you order over the weekend.

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