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This woulda been great!

Back when DaBaby was a baby, not that she is grown now or anything, we had to track everything she did. How much she drank, how much she peed, how often she poo’ed. And it was awful. In addition to tracking her, I tracked myself, as well. How many ounces did I pump? My “value” in my eyes became closely entwined with whether or not my milk makers equaled or exceeded the demands of her hungry belly. All in all, it was pretty much hell, and I am just now coming fully out of that pit of despond, ykwim? Looking back, she only had a few cans of powdered formula for that whole year-plus, and I am pretty sure that most of that was due to the fact that bottle fed babies just drink more because it is easier for them to do so.

Anyway. Moving on. Today, if I had to track that stuff, I’d do it differently. Babblesoft has created Baby Insights, a baby software program that allows you to track feeds, pumps, meds AND baby sleep schedules for your infant. Sleep schedules? That was about the only thing I didn’t track, LOL! And then when you need to talk to the doctor or midwife, all the info is right there at your fingertips. The real plus for me would have been able to close the window after putting in the notes, and then I would not have had the notebook of doom on my desk. Life would have been marginally better, and sometimes, marginally makes a world of difference.

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