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Confessions in Recent Parenting Events

Ok, where are my children and what are they doing? Well, they are here at home as usual, and they are on the computer/watching tv/cleaning their room. In a bigger sense, they are almost through with the second of two five-night-per-week practices. Except when canceled for weather as I just discussed. It’s brutal, but next week, we go down to just three days.

I think I failed to mention what happened to my van last week, didn’t I? Some jack-leg (that’s what I say when I want to call someone a donkey, but my mother may be coming along and reading what I said) dug a pure-tee TROUGH in my van door. A Trough People. Seriously. I assumed they did it with the sideview mirror, and it starts out as a light scrape and gets deeper over about 18 inches until it is about 1/2 inch deep at the end. Half an inch may not seem like a lot until you see it gouged out of the side of your van, and then it is quite a bit. Dip-wad jack-leg. Cause they drove off, you see. So they are also chicken-poop. (I don’t need to define poop do I? Remember: Mama.)

I ought to call Advocate Auto Claims and see if I can get anything for the diminished value. Do you think I could get anything for a 1992 Dodge Caravan? Meh, at least the estimate is free. I didn’t know you could get paid for diminished value after a car accident, but you can. Too bad the person drove off, and I don’t carry comprehensive insurance on that old thing.

Ok, I am going to do something my mama likes to do. I am going to talk about everything under the sun, and then at the end I am going to include some pretty significant information. Tomorrow morning, I am taking Country for a fasting blood draw. At her physical yesterday, she was spilling sugar and ketones in her urine. And also, she and Diva will be getting full length spine xrays. They both apparently have scoliosis, and Diva has it bad enough that the doc referred her straight to the Ortho without even seeing the xrays. I think I might have now entered the phase of parenthood called “scared poopless”.

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