sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

And yet more fun!

I told you I missed my kids, right? Well, when practice was called of yesterday, I opened up another new game! When I went to NMB last month, I visited the bead store, which I told you about. While I was there, I saw they were selling magnetic hematite. I wondered to myself what in the world a person could use magnetic hematite for. I mean, I just couldn’t think of much to do with it besides drape them around your wrist or neck, and if you have ever handled hematite, then you know it is pretty heavy.

Well, when I opened Jishaku, I suddenly realized the possibilities inherent in magnetic hematite. I played first with Batman:

IMG 0795
Notice DaBaby trying to horn in on the fun.

The game proceeded pretty slowly and methodically, and perhaps a little ho-hum, until this happened:
IMG 0796
(Notice Batman laughing like a loon. At me.)

Ohoh. That was interesting. Suddenly, it got about ten times more fun. We played about five games in rapid succession, with lots of good giggling time. And then the other boys came in.

IMG 0798
(Notice the handsome dh in the background.)

You know, it’s just as fun with 4 players as with 2. Except we were a little bit mean. We just told them the object of the game was to get rid of your stones. We didn’t tell them what to expect. And so we won, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

I can foresee the whole family having fun with this game, but not until I go back to NMB and get some more stones. Like most games, there just aren’t enough pieces for all the folks who want to play. That’s ok. The stones are pretty cheap 😉

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