sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Man, so much to tell you about!

First, ravelry. OHMAGOSH. Carla told me I better get on it, and now I am tere, and have barely scratched the surface and I am loving it! Lo-Ving it!. I’ll be working on building my notebook soon. I was already planning to go through all my pattern books and list things I wanted to make. I figured it would take almost a month of posting daily to do that, but with Ravelry I can do it with just a few clicks. How slick is that?!?

Second, beads. I had some time to myself on Saturday, and I spent it playing with beads. here they are, all laid out and ready to string. Don’t they look pretty? IMG 0820

Well, I strung them all up and that is when I discovered that I am a bead snob as well as a yarn snob. These are plastic beads, and while they look fine in the package, once they are strung they just don’t look to suit me. So, now they are in a baggie, and will probably be used by the kiddos.

IMG 0830

But all was not lost. On Sunday, Mama and I went to Wal-Mart and that craft store I told you about. We made up for the cheap plastic bead mistake like this:

IMG 0829

There was more, but Mama actually took her beads to her house. Along with her own beading board. The bead bug has bitten another victim. Also, I took pictures of the bead stash in separate piles, so I could fix up the stash page. I think there are enough pictures here, so we will save that for another post.

Third, Skype. I can now talk to Ang. while I work. Lord, help us now.

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