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School Supply Fun

I also picked up a few school supplies Saturday morning. Even though we home school, I am still buying supplies for a bunch of students, and we use pens and pencils and crayons and paper just like students in public school. So I buy it when you do–as soon as it goes on sale, and not one minute before, LOL! This year, I also received a box of school goodies from EZ School Supplies. You woulda thought it was Christmas up in here, ya’ll! Look at this:
IMG 0597 1

They had so much fun, and I got several blissful minutes of quiet!

I really like the box the supplies came in. It’s a good sturdy box with places to write in the child’s like and dislikes, and then keep special work in after the school year is over. It even has a handle on top. I don’t know about you, but I am all about the storage!
IMG 0569 1

Quick Rundown

After I posted Friday, I went back to Myrtle beach with my folks. I had already been Wednesday to see Deb, which is a pst of it’s own, but will be on my other blog. Maybe. Anyway, we bought a necklace I had etyed on Wednesday, and a pair of shoes (yeah, whatever, hush), AND we scoped out a new yarn store. It’s in NMB, and it’s called Knittiing up a Storm, and it is fantabulous.

On Saturday, I finished my purse, and helped Mama shell peas, and then started a puzzle. We were supposed to camp this weekend, but it was just too hot and also very rainy, so we stayed in the air conditioning and played games and such. Except for the pea thing.

DH says puzzles count as finished objects, since I buy serious puzzles that take some mad skills to assemble. What do you think?

Christmas is Coming….

The goose is getting fat! It seems like I type that earlier and earlier every year, but I can assure you that is already past the middle of July here, and Christmas is just FIVE MONTHS away! How crazy is that? I still have broken ornaments from last year over there in the craft area to be fixed. Also! I did not make personalized ornaments last year, and I mean to get on that this year. Hell-o!

Anyway! Back to the point, which is NOT my lack of Christmas Organizing Skills, but rather personalized Christmas Cards and the photos that go with them. Yep. Pi-chers for those of you who speak southern, like me. I found a boatload of articles on how to get good Christmas cards shots, and other tips, like this gem:

Flowers are wonderful subject matter for photographs. To create a dew-dropped masterpiece, place drops of water or glycerin on the leaves or petals. Glycerin can be found at most pharmacies and won’t dry up as quickly as water.

Color me open-mouthed, because it never occurred to me that those flowers we see in photos were anything other than legitimately dew-kissed. Sometimes my own naivety amazes me. Rube=Cass or something, I guess. Anyway, go read. I’ll meet you there with a glass of iced tea, ok?

Online Craft Club Show and Tell #35

Today’s episode is more show and less tell, since I have told you about it already. Here are the washed and blocked pics of Skimmer.

IMG 0585 1IMG 0586 1

I did want to let you know how I did the armholes, becasue it’s a little different than the other borders. When you are picking up stitches for an armhole, the general ratio for stockinette pick up is 3 for 4. I slip the first stitch of each row, so my pick up is 3 stitches for each long outside stitch. BUT, the armhole has to be decreased 4 for 5 at the same time. So. You have to keep 3 and 5 in your mind. I crocheted one in the first stitch, and 2 in the second, and continued that around. AT THE SAME TIME, each time I was about to hit a multiple of 4, I involved the next stitch so that four stitches would take the place of five. It sounds so complicated, but really, it falls into a rhythm. On the second round, you just do the 4 for 5. Work the third round even, and then make your shells. You may need to stretch the shells out right under the arm to help then lie flat.

I’m still working on the bag I told you about it, and it’s about half way done.

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!

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Cass in the Kitchen: Easy-Peasy Seafood Delight

:kitchen: I have a recipe for you today. I made it the other night, and it was so good! It was also quick to put together, and fairly light, which is a great thing for summer cooking, don’t you think?
When I made this, I really thought I was going to end up with shrimp lo-mein, and I suppose you could get that if you used oriental noodles, but the lime flavor really lightened the taste, and gave it an almost Mexican flavor. I’m not sure this really qualifies as a recipe, it’s so easy. But then most of the stuff I cook is pretty easy, and none of us are needing to lose weight.

Let’s have a note about the seafood: I used shrimp and scallops, because that is what I had on hand, but you could really cut the cost of this meal by using imitation crab meat for part of the seafood.

Seafood Delight

2 packs of shrimp-lime ramen
one bag of Asian vegetables
1 pound of seafood

Cook the seafood in a bit of bacon grease, just a tablespoon or so. Once you have that going, cook the ramen, and start the veggies steaming in the microwave. Spoon them all into a large bowl once they are done, then mix the seasoning packets in to the juices left in the seafood pan. Mix it all together and serve. Contains 224 calories and 3.16 grams of saturated fat per cup.

Did I mention easy? But the presentation makes up for it!!

IMG 0565

A real short stool

quality barstools 2001 55917I made something the other day, and I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing about it. Now most people, not being crafty like me, when they need new Bar Stools, go and pick out a nice stool like the one on the left, and they take it home or have it shipped, and they are quite happy. At least, that is what most people who are relatively normal would do.

But not me. You knew that was coming, didn’t you? I made my own bar stool the other night, and it was a very short stool, which might have been ok, since I am short, except that I made it completely by mistake. Let me share with you how to do it, in case you are interested.

First, inherit the dining room set that your husband ate at as a child. Heavy maple, if possible.

Second, begin to use it while you are a family of 5, and continue to use it for three meals a day until you are a family of ten.

Third, let one of your children get grown and leave home. (This step may be omitted, but it adds to the poignancy of the whole thing, don’t you think?)

Fourth, cook, on an otherwise ordinary evening, a delightful meal for your family. The better the food is, the more hilarious your trick will be. But bear in mind that you won’t be hearing the compliments so it should be something they have raved about before.

Fifth, serve the plates, walk to your place and lift up on your chair to slide it out so you can sit down and eat with your lovely, large, loud family.

Sixth, gape (with open mouth) at the sixty year old chair back when it detaches from the seat and you hold it in mid-air.

Seventh, and most important if you hope to maintain a shred of dignity, declare you wanted to eat at your desk anyway, and walk away looking smug.

Yes, It’s finished

Skimmer is indeed done, ya’ll. And it is everything I hoped it would be, and more. It is spectacular. It is the essence of sweaterness. Here are the pre-wash and block shots:

IMG 0580 1IMG 0579 1

It fits even better now. There are no “boobs” in the back, and that collar lays smooth. Even my mom likes it, and there was no “but” after her comment. I plan to make another one in a lighter guage, maybe that pink cotton fleece. It’s aged about to perfection don’t you think?

Currently OTH: a little bag to use up the last ball and a half of this yarn.

Shout out for Ted, cause he rawks my sawks.

But I am still not going to knit that butt-ugly fun fur clown sweater!

Ted Murphy, founder of IZEA recently launched a personal microblog. If you are part of the IZEA family or a fan or rockstartup this is your chance to interact with Ted. You can check out the site here at

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