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Cass in the Kitchen: Key

:kitchen: I have something a little different for you today. Instead of a recipe or book review, I am going to review a site for you. I’ve spent the bulk of the day sorting and stashing crafty type stuff, and I can almost see the light at the end of my personal tunnel of crafty doom, but I just don’t feel like messing with a lot more pictures right now. If you look at the stash page, you will see exactly what I mean. It’s looking perky over there, ya’ll, but my brain is just about fried!

Anyway, back to the subject. At, you can search by recipes based on the (surprise!!) Key Ingredients. And girls, you should see the shrimp recipes! And the pancake recipes. If I wasn’t feeding the family a lasagna from the freezer so I could deal with Mount CraftMore behind me (relax, I made it myself), I might be having to make the Shrimp and Scallop Saute. Over Angel Hair.

As it is, they will eat the lasagna, I will saute myself a no-sat-fat chicken breast and then I will continue with this:
IMG 0616IMG 0617

Don’t you envy me?

Thankfully, it doesn’t look quite that intimidating anymore, because I have been working on it all day. Except for that quick trip to Wal-Mart.

I said there was more

Yes, I did. And I woke up this morning with a wild hair up my behind to get it all sorted and stored and see what I felt like finishing and what was a wash and so forth. So I pulled it all out. Here’s the rest of it.
IMG 0614 1IMG 0615

Now that you’ve seen the whole dirty business, I think I can get on with the sorting.

OH! the van is home

Did I mention that? I assume you got that from the picture I posted of DH bringing in that mammoth bench/chest that is now full of yarn and fabric, but just in case you didn’t, the van is fixed now. I mentioned back on the 10th that it would have to go in and that I anticipated the repair would be fifteen hundred bucks. I went in Friday was a week ago, and we got it back Monday morning. Umm, that estimate was low. Way low. In actuality, that repair cost almost $2000! If I had wanted to hassle with a car payment, it was enough money for a nice down on a new ride.

I could have gone up to see my friend Amy, and scoped out the New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA. Of course, they sell Saturns, too, and that’s really more my style, I think. But I didn’t do that. Instead, I have the same old ride, and no car payment. I guess that’s ok, since the van is running again and also I don’t think my chest would fit in a caddy. And I am going to leave that wide open and let you think on it a while.

Abby Rose

yhst 95552160618728 2009 25882772I’ve been eyeballing comforter sets for my room for several months now without buying anything. Yeah, I know. I don’t usually dither quite so long over stuff like this, but money has been a little tight, and I have had other things I wanted to buy. But isn’t that the cutest thing ever? I know it’s marketed as a kid’s set, but it is so pretty. I found it at Beyond Bedding. They sell polka dot bedding for babies, kids and teens. And grown-ups, even though they don’t seem to know it. Surely I am not the only grown woman with a penchant for pink!

Hmm, perhaps I could offer to trade craft supplies for a bedding site. How do you think that would work out for me? And do you think if it did work out, that I could convince Dh that pink is a perfectly valid color for a bedroom a grown man sleeps in?

When it all fits

Oh, ya’ll. Picture intense post ahead. For reals. I will use mostly thumbs so we don’t just die. Today, I got this:

IMG 0605 1 2 3

Freecycle. Love me some Freecycle!

So then I had to fill it, right? That is a great place for yarn and craft supplies, isn’t it? I thought so. I was totally surprised and thrilled at how nice it is, and that it is a bench. You never know what you will get off freecycle, until you pick it up, but man. This is way beyond what I expected. Anway, I digress as usual. I had to fill it. Well, that involved pulling craft supplies from here and there. Yes. So.

It was bad. I knew it was bad, but the reality was worse than I “knew”, and that statement I made the other day, about becoming a Zen Crafter. Sigh. Let me just say that I committing to not buying more craft supplies (with the exceptions of beads since I share with Diva, Country AND Mama, and items needed for finiahing projects) until all my craft stuff fits here, here, and here:
IMG 0608 1 IMG 0609 1 IMG 0610 1
Instead of all those places plus here, here, here and here:

IMG 0612 1 IMG 0611 1 2 IMG 0607 1 IMG 0606 1
And I did not include the stuff in the top of the closet, people.

I could cry at the pure tee wastefulness.

And then there were beads

So, I mentioned in passing that Mama and I picked up a necklace I had liked. What I failed to mention was that the necklace was in a bead store, and I was totally oohing and aahing and it was all so very, very pretty.

And then, we had to go to Wal-mart on Saturday to pick up the on sale school supplies that I mentioned in a different post, and we looked at the beads there, and I said to my mama, “Mama”, I said, “beading will be my next hobby, because they are just so beautiful.”

Well, my mother, she is an enabler, and my birthday is next Sunday. So. When we went back to Wal-Mart on Monday to get the puzzle glue and poster board that I mentioned in yet another post, she bought me my birthday present. It looked like this:

Mmm-hmm, baby. Beads. And findings. Oh yes.

I have a couple of kits in there, one for her in pink and one for me in blue, plus a bunch of little packs of beads which I may or may not photograph for the stash page. I sat down immediately and made this necklace for her.

I am under strict orders to tell you she designed this necklace.

Then I made this one, and she helped some with this design, too.

Yeah. Ya’ll, I like me some beads.

I need some help here

So with all the shopping (no, I haven’t told you about all of it yet, but it’s coming) and all the veggies (we’ve done 4 bushels of peas in less than a week–plus the shopping) and all the not-quite camping, my house was a total wreck on Monday. Dh had been home last week, so we had kinda slacked off some, and we are surely paying for it this week! I would love to call in a cleaning service, but I don’t see that happening in this lifetime!

I can just see it now, like that scene in Cheaper by the Dozen where Steve Martin is trying to find a sitter and they all hang up as soon as he says 12 kids.

I know a professional cleaner could whip this place into shape in less than a day of we were not here. I know that’s the secret, because I cleaned beach houses one summer for a rental agency. The secret is a smooth job with a quick in and out is that the place is EMPTY and there is no clutter. Hmm, no clutter. I believe that brings us back around to “Zen Crafter”, now doesn’t it?

In which Cass does something new

Well, no one said I couldn’t call a finished puzzle a Finished Object, so………. that’s what I am going to do. Here is the one we did this weekend. And by we, I mean I put in 450 of the 547 pieces. Yes, there are supposed to be 550, but when you have lots of people, crap happens. Also, this was the second time this puzzle had come out of the box. Luckily, the missing pieces were all from the edge, so it worked out. This puzzle was pretty hard, and I mostly did it by going through the pieces one by one and trying to figure out where they went. I had to do that several times, of course, but in the end, I won beat it prevailed finished the puzzle.

Once I allow myself to buy craft supplies again, I will frame this for the boy’s room. I did buy the poster board and glue, because there is no way a put together puzzle can hang out unmolested on a table here for several months. Not gonna happen.

IMG 0601 1

Speaking of buying craft supplies …….. I am seriously considering continuing to not buy craft stuff except as needed to finish projects even after I have completed 12 things. Here’s why: I looked at the stash page a few days ago to decide what to knit next, and I realized I have not purchased yarn since December of 2006, when I got yarn to make DaBaby’s Christmas stocking. That’s over 18 months, ya’ll, and not only am I still knitting and crocheting, but I have TWO HUNDRED and EIGHT balls of yarn left. Let’s pause a moment, and consider that. No new yarn in 18 months, 208 balls left. The mind doesn’t just boggle over that, it threatens to fold entirely.

Additionally, I am exploring other crafty type fun, and having supplies on hand to do whatever I may take a wild hair to do sure does take up a lot of space and money. I’ve talked it over with dh, and pretty much come up with the plan to hold off buying more new stuff until I get what I have pared down a bit (ok, a lot) more, but then I will be free to buy whatever I want for whatever project I want to do. Yes, after so many years of hoarding and over planning, and lately just feeling overwhelmed by my stash, I want to become a Zen Crafter– what I need when I need it, and no more. Maybe. I’m flexible on that no extra thing, but I do want a contained stash for all my crafts, and by contained, I no longer mean all the space under my bed, plus two big ugly plastic bins in my room plus a hutch in the foyer plus, plus and good grief, there is MORE.

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