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Ways I Suck, Part One

Yeah, part one. Sad that I suck so many ways that I have to give them part numbers, right? Well, this one is pretty bad, ya’ll. I just took the BillsIQ test and I failed. I mean, I failed with a 59. I didn’t think it was possible to be that financially stupid. And I guess in truth, it’s not. See, I knew the “correct” answer for most of the questions, but I answered them with my truth, and my financial truth is very, very ugly just now. My husband is a field service tech, and gas is over 4 bucks a gallon. He gets paid thirty-two cents a mile IF he has to drive more than 35 miles to get to a call. IF. One way. That means we are eating most of his mileage at less than 20 miles per gallon. Well less. Like 15. Yeah.

And when I went to buy groceries Monday, some of my “regular” items had increased by more than a dollar in the past month.

And amazingly enough, my kids still want to play football and lead cheers. They still need new school books and clothes at regular intervals. They want to eat. AGAIN, darnitall. And that van I mentioned up above? It’s about to throw all its little rods, and has to go into the shop to the tune of about $1500. Umm, I don’t have that, folks.

And everywhere Igo, I hear folks moaning and groaning about the cost of this, that or the other. They are looking at ways to Consolidate debt just to survive. And they know the “right answers” to the financial questions, too. But what do you do when you were just getting by, and now it cost 35% more just to work than it did when you took the job? Since there hasn’t been a raise, that translates to a 35% pay cut.

Man, I sound like Debbie Downer for sure. And I guess it’s just all boiled over at once here. But you know what else I learned in BillsIQ? I learned that finances aren’t rocket science, and at it is possible to make a plan and stick to it, and get yourself into a state of better financial health. You can make wise decisions, you can make provisions for the future, both yours and your childrens, and things can get better. Provided you can quit having to take pay cuts.

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