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Speaking of Oh So Sweet

Man, I love a good segue, don’t you? Ok, I tried. Sometimes it works better than others. back when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I lived down the street from a small store. I remember walking up to the store and buying candy. I know my mom knew the owners, because the town was so small then that you couldn’t help but know everybody. I don’t remember a whole bunch, but I do remember that the store was way darker than stores are today. Of course, back then, the little corner candy stores were like that, all of them. Dark, and sometimes dusty, but a great place to go with a nickel.

Today of course, the candy stores are in the mall, and all you can get for a nickel is a contact high from the smell of corn syrup. And oh the candy they have! I was a driving teenager before I ever went in one of those mall candy stores, and I was just enthralled with the huge displays of candy and nuts in clear, tall cases. You dipped the stuff out with scoops, and $2.50 a pound was …not a bad price for jelly beans that tasted like the actual thing they were named for. Silly me, I had always thought a jelly bean was a jelly bean until I met Jelly Belly jelly beans.

I don’t go to the mall very often anymore, and I did not see a candy store the last time I was in ours, but I think I have found a way to introduce the kiddos to Jelly Bellies: Bulk Jelly Beans. They aren’t $2.50 a pound anymore, but I didn’t see any dinosaurs when I took my walk this evening either. I guess that’s a fair trade.

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