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You know, I used to doubt that Google was out to take over the world, but I’m beginning to wonder. I have long turned to Wikipedia and when I needed encyclopedic information but Google is getting into the online encyclopedia act, too.

They are doing it differently, though. Whereas wikis are editable by the community, each knol author decides how much “help” they want from others. There is another difference, too. You can find lots of info on knitting at wikipedia, but there is no knitting knol. Yet. You can, however, get a grand theft auto 4 walkthrough if you are the sort of person who plays video games instead of knitting.

//*cough* now I know what Dan was doing while Trevor was making everyone chuckle over the fact that I was knitting during a conference//

Actually, all kidding aside, I think it’s a great thing. Between wiki, knol and about, there is no need to remain ignorant on any subject. Not only is there someone somewhere who knows the answer to your question, but they’ve most likely put it right at the end of you searching fingertips. It’s a marvelous age….if you can form the question, you can find the answer in seconds. I’ve learned so much in he past few years just surfing the internet reading whatever piqued my curiosity. The other day, I was able to find and apply a coding fix for an issue I was having on one of my blogs, and I just felt so smart! Not that I found it on any of those sites, but, umm, I don’t often get to feel like a screaming genius, so I wanted to mention it.

P.S. I’m wearing something I knit at this year’s conference. What’s Dan got to show for all that video game playing?

P.P.S. Is anyone current listening to Cast-On? Did Brenda ever get that knitting wiki off the ground?

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