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Someone is shrinking

and that someone is me! Finally! I’m really hopeful that I have gottne of the diet yo-yo, and that I have lost that three pounds for good. Yeah, did I mention I have lost teh same three pounds five times now? Whatever! But I am sitting here typing this at my standard adult weight, and I am planning to go ahead and try to lose down to where I was right before I weaned DaBaby. And mostly, because I am vain, and I looked so good. There I said it out loud. Of course, having to be very aware of my fat intake is only helping, so perhaps my insides will look good, too!

Anyway! Yesterday, I noticed that the shirt I was wearing was too big. How cool is that? I’ll need new clothes!! Not that I haven’t purchased new clothes recently, because we both know I have, but you know, a girl needs new things after she loses weight. It’s like, mandatory, to replace those things you under-grow, right? Right.

Well, of course, I love a good deal, so I’m looking at coupons, and I noticed that over at Coupon Codes Mall, they have a category for clothes. That will come in real handy in another couple of months. Do you think I am too old to “shop the bunny”? Ok, ok. Maybe not too old, but probably way too conservative.

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