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A real short stool

quality barstools 2001 55917I made something the other day, and I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing about it. Now most people, not being crafty like me, when they need new Bar Stools, go and pick out a nice stool like the one on the left, and they take it home or have it shipped, and they are quite happy. At least, that is what most people who are relatively normal would do.

But not me. You knew that was coming, didn’t you? I made my own bar stool the other night, and it was a very short stool, which might have been ok, since I am short, except that I made it completely by mistake. Let me share with you how to do it, in case you are interested.

First, inherit the dining room set that your husband ate at as a child. Heavy maple, if possible.

Second, begin to use it while you are a family of 5, and continue to use it for three meals a day until you are a family of ten.

Third, let one of your children get grown and leave home. (This step may be omitted, but it adds to the poignancy of the whole thing, don’t you think?)

Fourth, cook, on an otherwise ordinary evening, a delightful meal for your family. The better the food is, the more hilarious your trick will be. But bear in mind that you won’t be hearing the compliments so it should be something they have raved about before.

Fifth, serve the plates, walk to your place and lift up on your chair to slide it out so you can sit down and eat with your lovely, large, loud family.

Sixth, gape (with open mouth) at the sixty year old chair back when it detaches from the seat and you hold it in mid-air.

Seventh, and most important if you hope to maintain a shred of dignity, declare you wanted to eat at your desk anyway, and walk away looking smug.

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