sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

When it all fits

Oh, ya’ll. Picture intense post ahead. For reals. I will use mostly thumbs so we don’t just die. Today, I got this:

IMG 0605 1 2 3

Freecycle. Love me some Freecycle!

So then I had to fill it, right? That is a great place for yarn and craft supplies, isn’t it? I thought so. I was totally surprised and thrilled at how nice it is, and that it is a bench. You never know what you will get off freecycle, until you pick it up, but man. This is way beyond what I expected. Anway, I digress as usual. I had to fill it. Well, that involved pulling craft supplies from here and there. Yes. So.

It was bad. I knew it was bad, but the reality was worse than I “knew”, and that statement I made the other day, about becoming a Zen Crafter. Sigh. Let me just say that I committing to not buying more craft supplies (with the exceptions of beads since I share with Diva, Country AND Mama, and items needed for finiahing projects) until all my craft stuff fits here, here, and here:
IMG 0608 1 IMG 0609 1 IMG 0610 1
Instead of all those places plus here, here, here and here:

IMG 0612 1 IMG 0611 1 2 IMG 0607 1 IMG 0606 1
And I did not include the stuff in the top of the closet, people.

I could cry at the pure tee wastefulness.

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