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In which Cass does something new

Well, no one said I couldn’t call a finished puzzle a Finished Object, so………. that’s what I am going to do. Here is the one we did this weekend. And by we, I mean I put in 450 of the 547 pieces. Yes, there are supposed to be 550, but when you have lots of people, crap happens. Also, this was the second time this puzzle had come out of the box. Luckily, the missing pieces were all from the edge, so it worked out. This puzzle was pretty hard, and I mostly did it by going through the pieces one by one and trying to figure out where they went. I had to do that several times, of course, but in the end, I won beat it prevailed finished the puzzle.

Once I allow myself to buy craft supplies again, I will frame this for the boy’s room. I did buy the poster board and glue, because there is no way a put together puzzle can hang out unmolested on a table here for several months. Not gonna happen.

IMG 0601 1

Speaking of buying craft supplies …….. I am seriously considering continuing to not buy craft stuff except as needed to finish projects even after I have completed 12 things. Here’s why: I looked at the stash page a few days ago to decide what to knit next, and I realized I have not purchased yarn since December of 2006, when I got yarn to make DaBaby’s Christmas stocking. That’s over 18 months, ya’ll, and not only am I still knitting and crocheting, but I have TWO HUNDRED and EIGHT balls of yarn left. Let’s pause a moment, and consider that. No new yarn in 18 months, 208 balls left. The mind doesn’t just boggle over that, it threatens to fold entirely.

Additionally, I am exploring other crafty type fun, and having supplies on hand to do whatever I may take a wild hair to do sure does take up a lot of space and money. I’ve talked it over with dh, and pretty much come up with the plan to hold off buying more new stuff until I get what I have pared down a bit (ok, a lot) more, but then I will be free to buy whatever I want for whatever project I want to do. Yes, after so many years of hoarding and over planning, and lately just feeling overwhelmed by my stash, I want to become a Zen Crafter– what I need when I need it, and no more. Maybe. I’m flexible on that no extra thing, but I do want a contained stash for all my crafts, and by contained, I no longer mean all the space under my bed, plus two big ugly plastic bins in my room plus a hutch in the foyer plus, plus and good grief, there is MORE.

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