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Ooh La La, and other French Sounding Phrases

I have to tell ya’ll, since my mother already blogged about it, that we went shopping again Saturday, my mother and I. It did start quite innocently, we onnly intended to ride to town real quick and pick up a cord for her new stove. Ha/ Hahahahahha. Ha! I swear, someone must call ahead and tell the manager of Sears to “put the clearance signs out, because Cass and her mama are on the way.” Have I mentioned that she gets a discount? Even on clearance stuff? And that 60% off is just more than a good woman can pass by?

st.purple.cowl.1Well, here’s something else that’s hard to pass by: Parisian Clothing and French Dresses. I mean, come on! If I were tall and thin instead of short and not, I would so be trying to justify that! I’m drooling over that spotted cardigan as it is. And, ok, the matching dress is tempting, too.

As you can see when you clickthrough to Goldyn, they have a list of designers as long as your arm. And the fabrics are nice, with lots of wool and cotton. Oh, don’t panic! I know it’s summer, but wool is good year round! It can be knit into an amazingly thin and slinky fabric, as any good French Designer knows. Besides, it’s air-conditioned everywhere anyway, and winter will be here soon enough. That wine turtleneck looks pretty much three season to me, doesn’t it to you?

And also

IMG 0551

I am going to avoid getting all mushy here and talking about how wonderful my husband is, and how sweet he is to me, and how much I love him and all that. I won’t tell you about the back rubs, and the pats on the behind as he walks by, or the way he slips his arm around me as we pass each other and just such. After all, it might embarrass him or you or something, and we can’t have that can we?

I said I would

and so I did. Finally. Click to embiggen.


Costume Party??!!??

IMG 0515Every year, my folks (read Daddy) throw a big party for July 4th. It’s huge. Really. We are the guests, LOL! They grill hot dogs and hamburgers and fill up a couple of pools for the kids, and we all have a great time. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the kids look forward to it from one year to the next. In fact, here is a picture I took of Drama yesterday. You will note the bathing suit and the water toys, right? It was, according to my trusty calendar, only the 16th of June. She put on this get up when my mom arrived with the butter beans (see below), and declared herself ready for the party. She stood there forever, ya’ll, holding those toys wearing that bathing suit, “ready to go”. We had to take hourly laugh-at-Drama breaks.

12337But to the point of this post, which you can see from the title is costumes, I saw this Uncle Sam costume this evening, and I though how the kids would get a big kick out of seeing Daddy dressed up like this. See, he’s very tall, and quite thin, and he could carry this suit off perfectly! I can almost hear them asking Mama where Daddy is, while “Uncle Sam” stands there grilling good things to eat, smirking.

Of course, then I had to look at some other costumes, too, since we have lots of birthdays, and they have costume and party supply packages, which make themed parties so easy! I could totally see Diva rocking that 70s metallic swirl jumpsuit, yk? Shhh. Don’t tell her about it. She’s had a party for the past several years, and this year, we’re keeping it real low-key, with just a movie. Besides, we all have to hurry up and get our swim suits on for the big party at my parents. It’s only 18 days away!

Kay. So. Hi.

Hmmph, the day after I wrote my last post, the doctor’s office called to tell me that my cholesterol was high, and to cut out the fried and fatty foods that I am already not eating. Then, just as I was ready to sit down and blog, my internet went out. I called tech support,and they isolated the problem to my modem. The girl there assured me they would be sending me out a new modem overnight, after I explained to her that dh and I both worked on the internet, and this outage was unacceptable. This was Wednesday, if you don’t want to scroll down for the date.

On Thursday, I called the other service provider for my area around 1pm, the folks who bundle your internet, your phone and your cable in to one sweet package deal. I slated them to come out Friday afternoon. No modem arrived.

And on Friday, that’s exactly what happened. They came, I got a bazillion and 48 channels of tv, plus faster internet, plus, plus, plus. DH and I discussed it and decided to just return-to-sender the modem when it finally showed, and we went on outside to enjoy the camping “trip” we had previously scheduled.

Saturday we camped. Sunday, it rained. Monday, my mom came over with 2 bushels of butter beans to shell, my cousin emailed to let me know that Grandma was in the hospital, and we had to get the tents packed after they dried, and UPS deliver a package 2nd day air. Said package contained………an ethernet cable. The beans got shelled and it took until 11pm, Grandma is not going to get better, and I am waiting on a phone call/email any minute to tell me she has passed, and I’m keeping the darn ethernet cable as payment for enduring such stupidity.

Tuesday (that would be today, if you are still keeping track) my coffee pot gave up, right after I had permitted Diva to have the next to last cup. I’m just now at 7:40pm finishing my morning allotment of coffee. if you came here for knitting…..there isn’t any. Sorry. We’ll both get over it.

Back up four

That’s four rows on the front and the back. I decided to shorten Skimmer just a bit for a couple of reasons. The short row bust was off by about an inch and I was hoping to shorten the armholes enough to make it a sleeveless sweater. I was partially successful, in that the SRs now fall precisely in to place exactly where they need to be, but the armholes are still too deep for a sleeveless sweater. I still have a couple of options. Ang. suggested that a single crochet border might look better than an I-cord trim, so I plan to do that, and to put a scalloped edge on it. I may be able to fill in the armhole just a bit, using the same technique we used to use on soaker legs. I’ll try it on again after I have the other borders on and we’ll see then.

Hey, here’s a question for you. I have heard abut credit cards that offer discounts, and free airline miles, and gift certificates for this and that thing. How come I haven’t found one that racks up free yarn? Not that I could use it just now, since I haven’t finished my 12 required projects, but just in general, for future reference, like, ykwim? I know it’s maybe an unusual request, but I am an unusual girl. That’s what makes me so special 😉 You can go find a normal card there, though. They also have info on prepaid cards, which could come in handy for socking money aside for a yarn blow-out once one has completed the projects required for such a fiber fantasy. ha- socking. Haha, so punny!

ION, if you read this post anywhere but or in your feed reader, it’s stolen. Some ACFS has been lifting my posts, pictures and all. I’m freaking famous, ya’ll! But it’s a little bizarre to check out your incoming links only to find your own face staring back at you. Oh well. As my mother says, a link is a link is a link, and at least they are linking back!

Scrub, Fold, Read, Knit, Read

I’ve done the first three, and tonight I plan to knit. It is well past time to start the sleeves on Skimmer. I don’t know why I haven’t really, because it’s so close to finished now. Really, how long will it take for two sleeves and 8 miles of I-cord edging? Surely no more than three years, right? Part of the issue is that I haven’t quite decided what kind of sleeves it needs. Or maybe I should leave it sleeveless?? That could be interesting! The I-cord though, that’s simple enough, and it would make a fine tv project while I think on the sleeves.

Unless I read. I could read. I have books, both mine and library. Also magazines. I could read.

Invites and Such

In between reading mags, teaching school, and blowing off steam at Wal-mart (remember–Wal-mart Warranties SUCK!), I was checking out websites. Yeah, I know. I couldn’t post, but I could surf. There’s just something about doing your thing at your own machine, ykwim? Even if it IS rigged up to an external monitor, because Walmart Warranties Suck!

t front Prd 151Anyway, let’s talk about Izzy Prints! Izzy Prints is the go-to place for birth announcements and party invitations. Not that I need the former, but Diva has begun the birthday count down, and today she reminded me that it is JUST!! Sixteen!!! Days!!!!!!!!!!! until her birthday. Yesterday, it was seventeen. I think maybe she has the math thing down, don’t you? *snort* I think this princess invitation would suit her, but only because I can’t find any that say “Queen of the World” and “Bow Minion”. Yeah, turning 13 is a real experience, I tell you. Pretty soon, I’ll know as much as she does. Maybe.

The price is good for custom printing, just 1.35 for this one, although I am a little too late to order any. After all, I only have practically 15 days, since it’s night time and all. Maybe that’s why I have to be the minion and she gets to be the queen.

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