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One bathroom disaster after another

So, you may remember a few months ago, I posted that dh finally got the small bathroom back together, so that we had sinks in both bathrooms, right? Sure you do, there was a picture and everything! Well, a couple months ago, he began mentioning that we must have a leak in the master bath, because he could hear the water running all the time in there. I’m just going to note, that I did not hear the water leaking, and mention that I go in the bathroom to take care of business, while he goes in with a book, and I will let you draw your own conclusions about who might spend to much free time in the john, and move on with my story.

So, he turned off the water and crawled under the house last month to play with the pipes while I was gone, and he flooded the bathroom. He did indeed find a leak, but when he tried to hook the pipes back up, it didn’t quite work like he thought it would, and in the meantime, Drama had tried the sink in the small bathroom and the one in the kitchen trying to get water. When he turned the water back on, it sorta created our own little Poseidon Adventure. he got the faucets off, and the water shut off again, and the mop up was just ending as I got home. He ended up shutting off the hot water to the sinks in our bathroom, because the cold pipes were fine.

In the intervening weeks, he has gone after the part he needs and tried again to repair it, but that part wasn’t quite right either. It doesn’t help that it’s damp and dark under the house, and that he hates to be in tight places, either. And that he cut his hand. And, and, and.

So, I have a couple questions: Why is it the hot water that always leaks? and how come it always starts slowly so that the water bill increases just a little too little to notice each month? Yeah, cause this month, my water bill is half what it was last month. And my electric is down some, too.

In the meantime, my bathroom cabinets are ruined, we’re probably going to need to spend some time looking at Bathroom Suites, and I am getting used to washing my face in cold water. At least while it’s hot. I imagine that if this continues until the weather turns, I’ll be turning around to wash my face in the bathtub!

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