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Kay. So. Hi.

Hmmph, the day after I wrote my last post, the doctor’s office called to tell me that my cholesterol was high, and to cut out the fried and fatty foods that I am already not eating. Then, just as I was ready to sit down and blog, my internet went out. I called tech support,and they isolated the problem to my modem. The girl there assured me they would be sending me out a new modem overnight, after I explained to her that dh and I both worked on the internet, and this outage was unacceptable. This was Wednesday, if you don’t want to scroll down for the date.

On Thursday, I called the other service provider for my area around 1pm, the folks who bundle your internet, your phone and your cable in to one sweet package deal. I slated them to come out Friday afternoon. No modem arrived.

And on Friday, that’s exactly what happened. They came, I got a bazillion and 48 channels of tv, plus faster internet, plus, plus, plus. DH and I discussed it and decided to just return-to-sender the modem when it finally showed, and we went on outside to enjoy the camping “trip” we had previously scheduled.

Saturday we camped. Sunday, it rained. Monday, my mom came over with 2 bushels of butter beans to shell, my cousin emailed to let me know that Grandma was in the hospital, and we had to get the tents packed after they dried, and UPS deliver a package 2nd day air. Said package contained………an ethernet cable. The beans got shelled and it took until 11pm, Grandma is not going to get better, and I am waiting on a phone call/email any minute to tell me she has passed, and I’m keeping the darn ethernet cable as payment for enduring such stupidity.

Tuesday (that would be today, if you are still keeping track) my coffee pot gave up, right after I had permitted Diva to have the next to last cup. I’m just now at 7:40pm finishing my morning allotment of coffee. if you came here for knitting…..there isn’t any. Sorry. We’ll both get over it.

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