sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Quit laughing

My family is laughing at me. They are going so far as to point whilst they do it. They find the current state of my hair incredible amusing. Let me show you, and since I know you are on my side, I will just ask if this looks funny to you.

IMG 0560

You can be honest. I am not afraid to embrace a little jab at my own expense. But if you do think it’s funny, then I am not taking you to London. I’m not taking you to London, anyway, but the threat sounded good 😉

I’m not taking you, because I am not going, but if I were, I’d probably be checking out London Destinia Hotels and I would specifically be looking at the Hotel Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes. I mean, come on! How cool would that be? I wonder of they have mystery nights, ykwim? Dirges in te background, flickering candle-light and clues to follow. It would be a riot!

The other cool thing about hotel bookings with Destinia is the deferred payment option. That’s pretty slick to be able to tie up your hotel room without also tying up all your money!

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