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New Rvs

Are ya’ll sick of me talking about backyard camping yet? Oh, well, sorry to hear that, cause, how can I not talk about something so fun?? I’ll try to tone it down until mid-July, when we are doing it again.

You know, part of the reason backyard camping appeals is that we can’t fit all our stuff and all our people in the van. Nonetheless, dh has hinted a few times that he’d like to go to a KOA or something. In order to do that, we’d have to get a second vehicle, and since I really like the concept of indoor toilets, I think he needs to be looking at New RVs. Or used ones, even.

You know what else I found on Links to campgrounds that are way cheaper than KOA. Lots of them. Including horse camps. You know, where you can ride horses. Yeah, for 12-24 bucks a night. I realize the horse riding would be in addition to that, but still. That’s way better than the $80plus quote I got for KOA.

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