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Back up four

That’s four rows on the front and the back. I decided to shorten Skimmer just a bit for a couple of reasons. The short row bust was off by about an inch and I was hoping to shorten the armholes enough to make it a sleeveless sweater. I was partially successful, in that the SRs now fall precisely in to place exactly where they need to be, but the armholes are still too deep for a sleeveless sweater. I still have a couple of options. Ang. suggested that a single crochet border might look better than an I-cord trim, so I plan to do that, and to put a scalloped edge on it. I may be able to fill in the armhole just a bit, using the same technique we used to use on soaker legs. I’ll try it on again after I have the other borders on and we’ll see then.

Hey, here’s a question for you. I have heard abut credit cards that offer discounts, and free airline miles, and gift certificates for this and that thing. How come I haven’t found one that racks up free yarn? Not that I could use it just now, since I haven’t finished my 12 required projects, but just in general, for future reference, like, ykwim? I know it’s maybe an unusual request, but I am an unusual girl. That’s what makes me so special 😉 You can go find a normal card there, though. They also have info on prepaid cards, which could come in handy for socking money aside for a yarn blow-out once one has completed the projects required for such a fiber fantasy. ha- socking. Haha, so punny!

ION, if you read this post anywhere but or in your feed reader, it’s stolen. Some ACFS has been lifting my posts, pictures and all. I’m freaking famous, ya’ll! But it’s a little bizarre to check out your incoming links only to find your own face staring back at you. Oh well. As my mother says, a link is a link is a link, and at least they are linking back!

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