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New Rvs

Are ya’ll sick of me talking about backyard camping yet? Oh, well, sorry to hear that, cause, how can I not talk about something so fun?? I’ll try to tone it down until mid-July, when we are doing it again.

You know, part of the reason backyard camping appeals is that we can’t fit all our stuff and all our people in the van. Nonetheless, dh has hinted a few times that he’d like to go to a KOA or something. In order to do that, we’d have to get a second vehicle, and since I really like the concept of indoor toilets, I think he needs to be looking at New RVs. Or used ones, even.

You know what else I found on Links to campgrounds that are way cheaper than KOA. Lots of them. Including horse camps. You know, where you can ride horses. Yeah, for 12-24 bucks a night. I realize the horse riding would be in addition to that, but still. That’s way better than the $80plus quote I got for KOA.


Hey, ya’ll. Meet my Wordle. Click to embiggen. This has been popping up all over, but I am giving props to Amy, since I clicked through from her link. Who knew I said nipples often enough to make it large? Oh well, at least it’s drawer and not drawers!

Trading Bottles for Bottles

You know, some times, life just works in a smooth and synchronicitious way. That’s not usually the case in thsi house, as you well know, but it sounds good. In spite of the general chaos, however, there are often facets of this craziness that merge quite well.

For instance: DaBaby has a bad habit of biting her bottle nipples. Gasp. Yes, she still takes a bottle. But the last time I bought nipples, it was just a bit past her second birthday, and I told her these were the last I was buying, and that was it. No more. I’ve thrown several away since then, and I happen to know that she is pretty low on nipples, and I imagine her baby bottle days are swiftly coming to a close. Now, I keep her bottles, nipples and rings in a drawer on the kitchen counter. Yes, I said on. I keep the bread in one, too, in case you are curious, but the point remains that I will soon be able to get rid of one drawer. Which brings us to the state of synchronicity.

the vine store 2007 2007736Just lately, see, I have been interested in bottles of my own. I may have mentioned that my cousin introduced me to an almost local winery back in January, and I have recently discovered another local vineyard, and we have plans to go check it out the first weekend in August. They only sell their wine at a local grocery chain, and (hopefully) the vineyard. And I am looking at Wine Racks and thinking how nice one would look in that corner of the kitchen. I don’t reckon I need this big one quite yet. It holds 420 bottles, and right now, I’m only going through a bottle or two a week, ykwim?

One bathroom disaster after another

So, you may remember a few months ago, I posted that dh finally got the small bathroom back together, so that we had sinks in both bathrooms, right? Sure you do, there was a picture and everything! Well, a couple months ago, he began mentioning that we must have a leak in the master bath, because he could hear the water running all the time in there. I’m just going to note, that I did not hear the water leaking, and mention that I go in the bathroom to take care of business, while he goes in with a book, and I will let you draw your own conclusions about who might spend to much free time in the john, and move on with my story.

So, he turned off the water and crawled under the house last month to play with the pipes while I was gone, and he flooded the bathroom. He did indeed find a leak, but when he tried to hook the pipes back up, it didn’t quite work like he thought it would, and in the meantime, Drama had tried the sink in the small bathroom and the one in the kitchen trying to get water. When he turned the water back on, it sorta created our own little Poseidon Adventure. he got the faucets off, and the water shut off again, and the mop up was just ending as I got home. He ended up shutting off the hot water to the sinks in our bathroom, because the cold pipes were fine.

In the intervening weeks, he has gone after the part he needs and tried again to repair it, but that part wasn’t quite right either. It doesn’t help that it’s damp and dark under the house, and that he hates to be in tight places, either. And that he cut his hand. And, and, and.

So, I have a couple questions: Why is it the hot water that always leaks? and how come it always starts slowly so that the water bill increases just a little too little to notice each month? Yeah, cause this month, my water bill is half what it was last month. And my electric is down some, too.

In the meantime, my bathroom cabinets are ruined, we’re probably going to need to spend some time looking at Bathroom Suites, and I am getting used to washing my face in cold water. At least while it’s hot. I imagine that if this continues until the weather turns, I’ll be turning around to wash my face in the bathtub!

Quit laughing

My family is laughing at me. They are going so far as to point whilst they do it. They find the current state of my hair incredible amusing. Let me show you, and since I know you are on my side, I will just ask if this looks funny to you.

IMG 0560

You can be honest. I am not afraid to embrace a little jab at my own expense. But if you do think it’s funny, then I am not taking you to London. I’m not taking you to London, anyway, but the threat sounded good 😉

I’m not taking you, because I am not going, but if I were, I’d probably be checking out London Destinia Hotels and I would specifically be looking at the Hotel Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes. I mean, come on! How cool would that be? I wonder of they have mystery nights, ykwim? Dirges in te background, flickering candle-light and clues to follow. It would be a riot!

The other cool thing about hotel bookings with Destinia is the deferred payment option. That’s pretty slick to be able to tie up your hotel room without also tying up all your money!

Time for a break

and not just for me!

Since January first, we have logged 126 school days. I said we needed to get back on track, and we have really been diligent with that. I’m proud of us. And also, we are taking next week off. I need to write more lesson plans, and I have a couple of students who need to catch up in math, and it. is. time.

And I am NOT going to spend all my free time cleaning the house, either.

That would be freedom

You know, there are days when I wish I could do something, that I had a certain skill set. Not always the same set, mind you, but different things. Like one day, I might wish I could draw. Or quill. Or ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle? Motorcycle! I know how to ride on one as a passenger, but not how to work the controls. But today, I wish I could, because today, I found out about EagleRider and their Motorcycle Tours.

EagleRider sells bikes, don’t get me wring, but they also rent them so that you can take yourself on guided or self-driven tours. And ya’ll, I just about wigged out when I saw that they have locations in Europe and the British Isles. And Australia. And not just for motorcycles! They offer ATVs, snowmobiles and watercraft.

See, here’s the deal. My dad, he can drive a motorcycle. My mom hates the bike, it scares her. My husband can’t drive a motorcycle because he has a VP shunt. Do you think they would mind if I asked them to keep the kiddos while Daddy and I went to Ireland for my birthday? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but it was a nice 90 second fantasy, ykwim? They do, however, have a store in Myrtle Beach, and that’s not quite as far a stretch.

In a world

where the yarn is carefully contained in bins and baskets, and the fabric is folded neatly away in the cabinet, while the reading pile is teetering precariously on the corner of the desk, and I have lost the light bill somewhere in there, I am electing to spend more time reading and less time stitching. Besides, it’s a little warm to hold a sweater on your lap!

I’m thinking that if I am diligent, I can clear that pile by the end of the weekend, and then we can get back to the regular scheduled programming around here. And yes, there are actual knitting books in that pile, ya’ll.

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