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Did you have a good weekend?

I sure did! On Saturday, we had Boy Scout Crossover. I now have a Webelo, a Bear AND a Tiger. Yes, Batman will be a Scout next fall, and he is so very excited! So are we! Here are a few pictures from Saturday. Things moved quickly, and I was involved in eh ceremonies, so it was hard to get pictures, when I was sitting down, and Country took the shots when I was up. She still thinks a shutter buttons is a thing to be conquered, instead of coaxed 😉

In between these 2 people is Spidey, looking at his awards.
IMG 0450

Here is Stuntman, very proud of himself. That’s me behind him.
IMG 0454

And this is what he had in his mouth…..bear teeth!
IMG 0457

Sunday was even better than Saturday. My husband and my mother were in church with me. She has a church home, so it is a rare treat for her to come with me. My Pastor preached a phenomenal message to children on honoring and obeying their parents, and the parental directive to make sure children do that. He started the sermon by asking how many of us were children. Of course we all are someone’s child, and he went from there. It was the first time I had heard him preach a Mother’s Day message, because we had been going to Grandmother’s before this year, and it was the best one I have ever heard. Parents, we are not doing our kids any long term favors when we allow them to disrespect and disobey. We ought to be making disciples of them instead. And I’m going to stop right there and show you some pictures, ok? Ok!

Here’s all of us, except my oldest daughter. (BTW Clone, you forgot to call your mom on Mother’s Day.)
IMG 0468 1

And here I am, with Mama, Diva and Country (right to left)
IMG 0470

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