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Smell Good Kids! Huggies Clean Team

Or should that be good smelling kids? Ah, who knows? I have some things sitting here on my desk that my kids keep trying to walk away with. In fact, I just told dh I really needed some help corraling the kiddos so I could get some work done, and complaining about how they were messing with my desk. He replied that if I didn’t want the kids to play on my desk, I ought to take down the “invitations to play”. Here’s what he was referring to:
IMG 0448

Yeah, I guess when you put it like that, he’s right. What kid could resist these bright, happy packages? And the scents! Oh my! Light and tropical, and oh so fun. And that purple thing? It’s a light up timer–it blinks for 20 seconds to help kids wash their hands thoroughly. Pretty neat, huh? And that little wipe box is the cutest thing ev-ar, isn’t it? They are flushable, doncha know! The wipes I mean, not the box. The box has definite recycling potential, though; I can totally see it tucked into a knitting bag to hold stitch holders and the like, or in the cabinet to hold crayons, or even in the diaper bag holding…wipes, go figure. Shoot, I’d put make-up in it, it’s just that whimsical and fun!

Okay, I’ve told you about my new goodies. I mean the kids’ new goodies. I guess I can get them off my desk now and into the bathrooms. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to find my stuff again. Or, you know, not.

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