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Wow, ok. I’ve been incredibly distracted for the past couple of days, chasing rabbit trails. I looked at this site, and that led to this site, and then they linked to another site, and then the day was over and oops! No post. Sorry. I don’t mean to forget about yu and suck as a blogger, it just happens. And then? Well then, I realize my error and flood your feed reader. Muhahahhahahhhahah! Oh wait. Bet that’s only funny to me.

I lack time and chutzpah to show you most of what I’ve been reading on, but here’s something I know you will like: Custom Photo Cards. I know I mentioned awhile back that I was thinking of ordering some, but then I didn’t. Because I am a slacker. But then I had occasion to send out a couple of cards this week, and you know what? I had to go buy cards. Ones without MY picture on them. And they were cool cards, and they served the purpose, but really… when I want to send a note of encouragement to a friend, I’d like a personalized card. See, just because it says Merry Christmas or whatever in the example doesn’t mean I have to have that. I could have it blank inside. I could put my face on the outside. Or my blog header, complete with name, right across the front. Or maybe just yarn, ROFL!

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