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Crazy Times

I just read that identity theft accounts for over a third of the complaints received by the FTC. Now these figures were from 2006, but I haven’t heard any news shows lately announcing the decrease of identity theft, have you? No? Didn’t think so. What is with people, that they think they have a right to anything they can steal or trick somebody out of? Why are credit card companies having to take more and more stringent measures to protect consumers from thievery? And why are we having to bear the cost of it? (Make no mistake, there is a cost, and we are paying it!) It just infuriates me that some people will swindle other people like that. I mean, what good does it do you to work hard and keep your word and pay your bills if some jerk can run up charges and steal your good name in less than 30 days?

At least there’s some help out there. Companies like lifelock guarantee to protect your good name for a small fee. Of course, you are still having to pay a bit, but it’s less than what you’ll pay if someone hacks your life (like they hacked a couple of my blogs, so don’t think it can’t happen to you.) It’s a reasonable alternative for those of you who aren’t protected like me: I just have so many kids no one wants to impersonate me. Muhahahhahahhhhaahah

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