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A Blog Sponsorship and a Store and Just Say No to Drugs

My, my, my. Things sure change quickly, don’t they? On the internet, I mean. One day you think you have it all figured out, and the next there you are on your butt, mouth agape in shock wondering where that came from. Something like that has happened recently, with the launch of Social Spark and the blog sponsorships they offer. You all know I monetize this blog, and I’m pretty sure none of you begrudge me those funds since you are all still here. With a blog sponsorship, I can earn money from the blog with no extra effort involved. Money I can make for no effort means that I will not have to take as many paid posts as I have been. That’s good for you guys, because you get more of what you come here for: family, fiber, food, fun. And free stuff, let’s not forget the free stuff. So A blog sponsorship is coming as soon as I can iron out the kinks. I’m not sure when, but eventually, probably sooner rather than later, and I wanted to give you a heads up, because that’s the way I am. Once the sponsorship goes into effect, you will see a splash page when you visit, once per week. As long as you don’t clear your cookies, you won’t see it any more often than that. And when you do see it, if it aggravates you, you can click in the corner to close it. I’m hoping you won’t do that, though, because the first one is going to be an invitation to vote for this blog as Best Craft Blog in the Blogger’s Choice Awards! I don’t think I have a chance of winning, but I would love to be in the running for just a few minutes, LOL. Oh, and after you see the splash for the one time per week, there will be a bar at the bottom of your browser. You’ll still be able to read all the content, and use the menus in the footer, and see the pictures of yarn porn, so basically, it will add to my yarn fund just by sitting there. And yes, I’d like to do without the splash page. And I have made that suggestion, and splashless sponsorships will be coming, but this campaign was developed before my suggestion was given.

Now, here’s the rub. One of the companies I work for has stated that they will no longer use blogs that take on the sponsorships. I could go on and on about how it’s an alpha test program, and how it’s foolish to declare something evil without actually seeing it. I could wax poetic about how I like choice and that whenever I have a choice between an organization that gives me choice and one that does not, I will choose choice. And also, I prefer choice yarn and choice meat and have you ever noticed how the better things are referred to as “choice”? I like choice. And I was able to say “choose choice” for the first time ev-ar just now, and I am still giggling over that. But I wont do all that. I will just say that given a choice between having a sponsored by bar at the bottom of the blog and having to insert one more drug reference into this craft and family blog, I will choose the bar.

Ok, that’s the sponsorship and the drugs. Let’s get to the fun part. I am adding a store to Cass Knits! I am excited about it, and I hope you will consider using this site as a portal to your shopping pleasures. And a portal is exactly what it is: you’d be shopping for the same stuff in the same places, only you could click through from here, and it would help me out. Again, it’s about adding to the yarn fund while keeping the focus of this site on family, fiber, food, and fun. I’ll post more on that once I have it up, but I thought since I was doing an admin post anyway, I might as well mention it.

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