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Can we please unplug?

I realized I kinda left a lot of stuff out of that last post, and I thought I might try to round it out just a bit. When I re-read it, I was left hanging, and not only did I write the post, but I;m the one living the life, so if I am scratching my head, something needs to be clarified for sure!

Ya’ll. I am tired. No. I am not tired. I am just two hairs short of weary, and there is a world of difference. Tired means resting will fix it. Weary means I need to get away from the press of life. There is nowhere to go, though, and I …. it’s just been a constant assault these past few months, and just when I think things are coming a bit more under control, I get blind-sided again. Like, for instance, I had planned to basically take this weekend off and pamper myself just a little bit. Read, play with the kids, talk to dh about something besides what’s for dinner, and then this afternoon, I realized I have to write lesson plans. Not just the plug-in-the-new-math-book plans, that I was expecting, but entire multi-subject plans. Not quite the “light shopping and general relaxation” I had envisioned.

Ya know… if I were a rich woman, I would book myself on a Flight to Australia, and I would hire a guide (paying him extra to be quiet), and I would go on walkabout. With a new camera. And lots and lots of sunscreen. I would go for the weekend and only sleep on the planes there and back.

Instead, I will go to the grocery store, write the plans, and maybe, just maybe squeeze in an extra five minutes in the shower. But I tell you this, if my mama says “Let’s go to town”, I am dropping what I am doing and going to town.

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