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Cass in the Kitchen How to Make Fried Okra and Cooking By Numbers


Fried Okra

This here is quintessential southern food, ya’ll! You gotta try it. Wash your okra, and cut off the tops of the pods as they tend to be tough. You can see the place to cut, as there is an actual line on the pod at that spot. Cut it in rounds about 1/2 inch wide. Dredge it in cornmeal mixed with a bit of salt. Heat your oil in a heavy skillet, about 1/2 in deep to 375 or so. Fry the okra for just a few minutes until it is golden brown. It will not take long if you have the oil hot enough. If you don’t have the oil hot enough, your okra will come out too greasy.

I am blessed to be able to buy mine pre-breaded and frozen, so I skip straight to “Heat your oil…” This is the best stuff! Seriously.


Cooking by Numbers

Click the ingredients you have on hand in the frig and in the pantry, and this site comes up with recipes for you. They claim to be handy tools for busy moms. That’s my game, because I am all about the easy. Cooking By Numbers fits the bill nicely. I clicked off bacon and chocolate just to amuse myself, and it came up with Bacon Surprise:


method: 1. Decide whether you want to fry or grill your bacon. Then either put your bacon in a pan over a medium to high heat or under a grill at the same heat.

2. Cook until the bacon crisps up, turning as needed.

3. Consider the sorry state of your food supplies and decide that you do really need to do some shopping if all you have left is some bacon.

4. Devour the bacon with lashings of tomato sauce and serve with a bit of bread or toast if you have some.

and Chocolate Dream


method: 1. Indulge in eating your chocolate- do not share it with anybody! 2. Now you are fully relaxed and happy, go and buy some food- you obviously have NOTHING in the house.

Not only are the recipes good, they are also funny. And yes, I have more than bacon and chocolate in the house.

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