sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Ouch. Ouch. Also, I am a crazy woman.

No April Fool’s joke here folks. This sad tale is true. I have a blood blister on my left thumb pad. I have a cut on my right thumb pad. There was no knitting in the house of Cass yesterday. Those are the ouches. The crazy woman part requires pictures:

IMG 0336

I finally switched the kids rooms. Well, I started switching them. I totally should have totally rented a couple of travel trailers to hold the fallout, don’t you think? All this stuff will reside in the office area while we sort it and only what fits will go back. I did this in my own room a few weeks ago and the results have been marvelous. Less stuff, and I can find what I kept, and it’s great. Well, except I need to sort through my hang-up stuff one more time.

IMG 0337

See that set of bunk beds? I took it partially apart and put it back together myself. All dh had to do when he got home was shake his head at me. Oh, and move one dresser.

IMG 0338

This is the ex-girl cum boy room. Umm, there were at least beds in there before bedtime last night. Well, I’m outtie. If you need me, please call loudly. Any excuse to stop working will be greatly appreciated.

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