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Some Jumbled Thoughts which (do not) end with a Giveaway

Ooooh, do you remember I told you I was going to take a sponsorship on this blog? It’s started! If you click through to the BCA’s you can search for cassknits to cast your vote for me, OR you can just click right here and vote. Man, that is an old screenshot. They are still using last year’s capture! Hopefully, they will get around to updating soon.

000 0024Next, let’s talk about pictures. Each time I come to this blog to make a post, I enter through the front page, so I get to see it like you do (that’s how I knew the sponsorship had started). The link I click to get back here to the admin section is at teh bottom of the page, in the footer. Just under it is a random picture pulled from my photopress album. This is the one that greeted me this evening. God, I miss my Grandmother. I miss her like a small and wounded child. I still forget and say her name if I am not careful when I say the kids’ prayers at night. And those moments, just like seeing this picture, rip me right out of the frame.

So, you can maybe tell from the title I was going to start a giveaway with this post, but I am not going to do that here if that’s alright. I’ll just make another post.

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