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Menu Plan Monday-Sad Pie and other food

This has been an intense weekend. There is so very much to say, and I just don’t know how to say any of it. I guess the safest way to handle that would be just to stick with the facts. My Papa died Friday night. He was buried yesterday. He was without a doubt the laughingest man I have ever known. I will never hear a cuckoo clock again without remembering that laugh.

Don’t think the irony is lost on me that just Thursday (?? was it Thursday??) (I think it was Thursday.) I said I missed my Grandmother, and I still do. And if people know each other in heaven, then without a doubt, those two are talking today, and there are no misunderstandings or miscommunications and there is only love. I have been blessed in my life to see the love of Jesus flowing out of a handful of people. (They are rare, these ones that will take in the love from God, and push it all right back out onto those around them, most of us are selfish and hold it in once we receive it. I happen to think that they are the smart ones, they know that love shared is love multiplied, you can’t out love God any more than you can out give him.) I’ve been doubly blessed that of those handful of people, two of them were my Grandparents: my mother’s mother and my dad’s dad. There is no way to doubt that there is a God when you have seen Him look out at you from a Grandparent’s face. Lord, I want to love people like that.

For the most part, I try to keep this blog light-hearted, and I relegate serious stuff to Midlife Musings, but it is hard to be light hearted today. I am sad. I don’t know what else to do but to do the next thing. It’s Monday, so that must mean it’s time to post a menu, yk? Good thing I wrote it out on an index card in teh middle of last week, because I haven’t been worth a flip since Saturday morning. But here is what we will be eating, once I get to the grocery store.

Corny bites (I’ll talk more about these after we try them) with refried beans and some sort of Mexican rice.
Chili with Cornbread
Beef Stroganoff
Stuffed Peppers

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