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Many, many little balls

IMG 0173I have balls ya’ll. I have lots of balls. I have big balls. I have small balls. And all of them are made of wool. I know I mentioned a few days ago that I was taking apart Spidey’s old sweater, and remaking it into a new sweater but I thought I would show you exactly what that entailed. The picture you see is what my basket looked like, after I had used 3 or 4 of the larger red balls. As you can probably guess, by the time I get to the yoke, I’ll be making my own variegated yarn, only I won’t be doing it in the normal way. I’ll show you the sweater progress on Friday, but I can tell you that the body is done, and I am nearing completion of the first sleeve.

Also, I have a question: if I am re-knitting Lamb’s Pride, is it still considered virgin wool?

Also, I got the category names in the permalinks without breaking the blog. I used this to do it: Permalinks Migration Plugin.

Also, don’t forget to enter to win the cookbook over in the sidebar!

Also, I am done. Go somewhere else, now.

Fly Times

SUJ555That’s what dh and I always say when we lose track of time. It’s a play on the phrase “time flies when you are having fun”, only usually we aren’t having much fun. Usually we say it when we poke our heads up from a project and realize several hours have passed in the real world, while it’s only been a few minutes in project land. Today, for instance, I have been involved in some blog pruning, and so this has happened to me repeatedly. Since I need to get the job done before I forget what I was doing, and I refuse to add one more item to my to do list (because, HELLO, ONE HUNDRED SEVEN things is enough!!!!!!!!), I’ve been heading back to it each time I get a few minutes.

Now, I am one of those people who really gets involved, and I mean I get involved to the extent that I forget to eat, and I forget to go to the bathroom, and I forget to have a sip of drink, and I forget to take a break until I am well beyond my physical comfort zone. What I need, I think, is a chair equipped with an automatic ejection device, but I would settle for an alarm watch. I couldn’t find a Women’s Seiko Watch with an alarm, but I do like the functional practicality of the one pictured above. It’s meets my one non-negotiable standard in a watch–it must have all 12 numbers, because I like to be able to tell the time at a glance, and not be counting out hashmarks to do it. Maybe I could just have that watch, and just let the kids pinch me at regular intervals to remind me to get up and take care of other stuff???

Why I Love Homeschooling, Reason #45627885

IMG 0183 1Here’s Batman. Remember him? He’s learning to read. He’s wearing a Thomas the Train towel as a cape. School for him lasts less than an hour a day, and the rest of the time, he’s free to be………a superhero, ninja, laughy, giggly boy who doesn’t have to sit still, sit up, speak up, quit that, be quiet.

I love it when the light comes on, and I am there to see it. And more than that, really. I was there to flip the switch. That’s a way cool feeling, ykwim?

404 Permalink Errors

Umm, you know, some things are just not meant to be messed with very often. Awhile back, when I was first beginning to learn a bit about SEO, I changed my permalink structure to include post names. Today, now that I know more, I thought to myself, “how cool would it be to have every post that deals with knitting have that word right in the permalink? Why, I bet I could do that by adding the category name to the permalink.” That’s a great idea, don’t you agree? Well, yeah, except it didn’t go quite like I had hoped, and so if you got a 404 error earlier today while trying to directly access a post, I apologize. I will in the future attempt to avoid disrupting my entire blog by creating 2,139 potential errors.

Took a Nap

That in and of itself is no big deal, as we all know I take plenty of naps. In fact, I probably take enough naps to get a day job as a cat. The big deal is where!! I took a nap in my craft area loveseat, ya’ll. The only “mess” left there is 6 bins of craft supplies and a box of stuff from Grandmother’s house. The cure for the 6 boxes of craft stuff is more time to craft, so…… maybe I oughta put a plasma mount on the back of that front door we never use and then I can kick back, stitch, and watch these on this.

Sickly Stitching and Working

Well, shoot. I ripped out Spidey’s unfitting sweater and he no longer wants a back and red and yellow sweater with cute fireman buttons. I guess at the oh-so-mature age of eight, he’s above that. I’m making it into a pocketless, hoodless wallaby for charity, and I’m making it just his size in case he changes his mind.

I’ve emptied a couple of boxes and depleted a couple os stacks out of the craft area today, too. I think I have done about all I can do on it for today, though. I am “plum give out” as they say. It had been my firm intention to sleep for most of the day, but I found I could not do that. Apparently, I only can only sleep somewhere my kids aren’t. Perhaps I should make reservations at a Las Vegas hotel. Well, except for the part where I would be too excited to sleep.

And I know I said I was about done, but I think I do want to go ahead and get the empty bins out/off. I’m pretty sure that I’ll at least be able to sit down if I do that. And have I mentioned that that is a reclining loveseat? Yep. So, if I can sit, I can nap. Hehehehe. I guess I am a study in ulterior motives.

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