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Calling Anastasia!

Is there an Anastasia in the house? I surely hope so, because you are the winner of the Martha Stewart cookbook. Please get in touch with me in the next 48 hours to claim your ooey-gooey prize!

He is Risen!

It’s shaping up to be a busy day! First we have church, then I’ll swing through a drive-thru somewhere and pick up chicken, and THEN, lunchandEasteregghunt. And yes, that’s just how my kids say it, only they leave off the lunch part, LOL!

Today, when you are doing this:

IMG 0280

Please take a moment to remember this:


Who Needs Free Checks?

I have told you guys before that I like to use VistaPrint for my printing needs. I’ve gotten several sets of business cards from them, for various things I am involved in, and the quality has always been high, the shipping quick and the print sharp. I like VistaPrint! A lot.

Now, I knew they made business cards (of course) and stamps and address stickers but this morning I found out that they also do check printing. And as usual, they have a coupon. I love coupons, don’t you? Use the code “BlogFreeChecks08” to get 25 free checks. Consider it my little Easter Gift to you. Oh, wait. It’s not my coupon, so maybe that won’t work so well. Let me think of something else. Well, does it count that I told you about it?

Ok, seriously, check out the checks and such at VistaPrint. They do good work, and you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget the coupon! Now, let me see if I can dig up an Easter present for you after all. I think I have a couple hidden here in this computer somewhere.

Ripping and Walking

I had to rip my sweater back, ya’ll. Five inches times the width of my hips is a lot of stitches, but it was decreasing too fast. There’s just not that much difference between my hips and my ribcage. Not long after I recast-on, I grabbed he kids and the mp3 player and we went for a walk. I took several shots, but here is the first. I’ll share more later.

DaBaby and Drama

Need a Home MakeOver?

I do. Well, I need an addition. Remember the other day when I showed you the now-fully-in-place bathroom sink? That brought us back up to 2 full bathrooms, but I think we still need another one. And a couple of bedrooms. Because, really. Dude. 9 people, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Kay? Kay. I keep hoping someone will tell that tv show about us and we will totally get a new huge house, but it hasn’t happened so far, so I’ll just keep dreaming, and looking out for contests like this one: Renuzit TriScents Transform Your Home is giving away a 20,000 Home Makeover.

I know, I know, cut to the chase. You enter by submitting a video (two minutes or less in length) or photo AND an essay (250 words or less). You have to show why your home needs a makeover, and how Renuzit can help make that happen, see? There’s a little more, but not much, so go ahead and see official rules then enter to win! While you are there, print a coupon for the TriScents Starter Kit. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll save some money. And if your bathroom is like mine (used by three busy boys), an air freshener is always in order. Once you try it, go ahead and tell them why you want a home makeover, because one thing is certain: if you don’t enter, you won’t win. If you do, you might.

Online Craft Club Show and Tell #27

This week, there were a few stitches on a complicated cross-stitch, and several rows on the log cabin blanket, and then there was this:

IMG 0264 IMG 0265

Neither of these pictures adequately portrays the wonderfulness of color in this yarn, and that is why you get two. I am making a sweater for myself, and I have started by casting on the exact number of stitches I need to go around my hips at the point that is most flattering for a shirt to end on me. And by exact number, I mean not one more than necessary. And I am decreasing (4 stitches every 10th row) to the exact number of stitches plus one inch that it takes to go around my ribcage just under my breasts. I am calling this sweater The Skimmer, and when you see it, you will totally understand why. And you will also want one. Go ahead and get started, using the directions above, LOL! Once you get it as long as you want to the underarm, stop and wait for me.

Here’s how to play:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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A Little Temptation

IMG 0263Here is my yarn, all balled up and ready to go– Country wound it for me. I have started the sweater, and I will be showing it to you tomorrow. This is just a preview, a picture worthy of being tiled across a desktop. In fact, it may be time to replace Sam Elliot with something a little softer and fuzzier. I like Sam and all, but he’s not soft. Or fuzzy. Charming, most certainly. Easy on the eyes, definitely. Soft and fuzzy, no.

Well, Bloomin’ Onions!! Salsa Chicken Salad and Eye-Tye Chicken Salad

Did you guys know that Outback Restaurants are 20 years old? They were born the same year as TheClone. (Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.) It’s hard to believe that something so relatively young can be such a part of the American scene, isn’t it? But enough history, let’s get to the food! To celebrate their birthday, Outback has developed some new menu items, which you can see here. They’ve kept my favorites, the Bloomin’ Onion and the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. I totally wish I knew how to make those, because I would totally tell you. And did you know that Outback has sent teams to cook their specialties for the troops in the Middle East? Bonus points, right there!

Salsa [tag]Chicken salad recipe[/tag]

small can of chicken (drained)
tablespoon of mayo
1/4 cup of peach pineapple salsa.

Mix well and serve over 3 or 4 cups of salad greens, or with crackers. Or with salad greens and crackers. This one has 235 calories for the whole portion and makes a nice quick lunch.

IMG 0250

Eye-Tye Chicken Salad

4 large cans chicken
1 large can diced tomatoes, drained
1 small can sliced black olives

Mix all the ingredients together. The spices and mayo are just to taste, sorry. Now, here’s the important part. After you mix it, don’t eat it. Put it in the frig for several hours. This is the best stuff ever with Triscuit. Sorry, I don’t have the calorie count on this one.

Also, about the picture? They kinda fell on it and devoured it before I could get a picture. I have now explained that you cannot do that to a food blogger. Which is pretty funny, because now the kids say, “Can we eat yet, or do you have to take a picture of it?”

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