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Winner: Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse

I know ya’ll are just waiting to know who’s getting the book! First, I want to thank you everyone who entered. The response was awesome! The posts spreading the word about the contest were fun to read, and I appreciate them. I do have several more giveaways line up, and I will announce the next one on Thursday the 13th, just three days from now.

Now, while I was out shopping this weekend, I did buy an icing bag and a set (umm, a large set of 29 pieces) of decorating tips. I had so wanted to make th the ladybug cupcakes, but I could not find the red nonpareils, so I will be making something else instead. After we finish the cookies I made yesterday that I plan to tell you about Thursday.

To answer your burning question: yes, this is still a knitting blog, but cooking goes so much faster than knitting, unless you are at a church business meeting, in which case the length of the meeting is inversely proportional to the amount of yarn you bring with you. Or in the case of chili.

That wasn’t your burning question? Have I strung this out long enough? Are you sure?? There were 59 total entries, and the winner is number 23. Congrats

Valmg of A Contest Blog

Please email me your mailing address, and enjoy your cupcakes! Perhaps you should go buy decorating tips while you wait for the mail, LOL!

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