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Hosting is Everything

Back when I moved this blog off xanga, I went with a hosting company owned by internet friends. The price was good, and it felt good to deal with friends. When my mom got a blog, I set her up with that same company. When I got ready to start my second blog, I contacted them about hosting it, and discovered that I was about to exceed my account limits and needed to make different arrangements ASAP. The next tier of service was more than I felt like I could afford, so I changed companies entirely. Some of you long term readers may remember all that. I still thank Xial silently for packing, moving and unpacking this blog into it’s current digs. I doubt he will ever know the tears he saved me! I selected Dreamhost because another friend could provide a coupon for it, the space was vast, the bandwidth was ample and I needed to get out NOW before my site went down.

If I were moving today, however, I would probably take advantage of the Web Hosting Blue Book. They have gathered the information a person needs to select a host that will meet their needs now and tomorrow. They don’t have all the hosts listed, of course, because….well, because, how could you? New hosting providers pop up all the time, but they have a plethora of info for the top ten hosts. Just check out this web review of Host Monster for example. I like the rating feature, because that lets me know what other site owners think of the hosts in question, and I am noting with some dismay that my own host didn’t make the top 10 list at all.

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