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I’m 20-20

Before I get started, I have to ask about my feed. I am doing somebehind the scenes stuff, and if my feed is going crazy, please, please email me (if you didn’t shut it off already so you aren’t even reading this) and let me know. I checked a couple of the more obvious readers and everything looked okay. But! One can never check them all. Okay, on to 20-20.

My cyber-friends and I were discussing skin care for our more mature faces the other day. One of them confessed to being thirty nineteen, and I just giggled. (When I tried on thirty ten, it didn’t sound as funny, so Spidey suggested twenty twenty, and that’s what I’m going with.) Anyway, skin that is older needs a little TLC, as I have discovered. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to look 18 again. The 18 year old me was a silly little thing and she’s best left back in 1985. But I do want to look the best possible twenty twenty, and so I have been reading labels and comparing ingredients, and switching to kinder, gentler mineral make-up and so on and so forth. I only get one face, and I want it to last me a goodish long time! Like another twenty thirty years or so!!

Enter Borba skin care products. BORBA is all about achieving total beauty… inside-out. One of their new products is a peel that contains prismatic micro-diamonds, rice hull powder and lactic acid. They call it HD-Illuminating Plasma Crystals. because it gives you “high definition skin”. Now I’ve not used these products, and I am not going to pretend I have. But I am interested in products that can help me achieve my goal: being the best me I can be.

Borba is

*Dermatologist Tested & Recommended
*Sensitive Skin Tested
*Safe and Effective and has
*No Animal Testing

That’s enough to make me take a second look.

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