sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Dye Them?? Dye Them!!!!

s 2859Ok, I was at Gemz N Gold this morning working on an assignment. I had been looking at their pearl jewelry, specifically a black dangle pearl ring like the one on the right. After I found it, I was curious about black pearls, so I went over to wikipedia to find out a bit about them.

YA’LL! You can dye pearls. Holyyyyyyyyyyyy smokes. You can dye pearls! Which brings me to the question of “can you dye those “pseudo pearls” they sell in the craft store?”, which brings me to planning a trip to A.C. Moore. Now, let me ask you: How many girls do you know who can start out jewelry shopping for real pearls and end up planning a craft adventure that involves fake ones? Yep, I’m an original, all right.

But the uses…….oh my, you could dye wool and pearls to match….tone on tone. I could it in ashes of roses. Or blue lagoon. Oh, this could be…..

Darn. Stop. I can’t spend money on crafts. Ok, I am leaving this post up anyway, and it will remind me that I wanted to try this once I can spend the moolah.

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