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Menu Plan Monday March 17, 2008

Well, happy St. Patrick’s Day to ya! Like half of the world, we’ll be having corned beef for supper, and I plan to put that in the crockpot shortly. I’ll fry cabbage to go with it tonight, and mos of us will love it. Can you believe I have a child who doesn’t like corned beef? The mind boggles, really.

On to the menu! In addition to the afore mentioned corned beef and cabbage, we’ll be having:
pork chops with potatoes and veggie
cheesy brat stew (I posted this recipe here)
beef roast with rice and veggie
seven layer dip and chips

And Thursday will be left over night. I don’t assign any other nights, because I like to be flexible, and I just cook what seems most appealing off the list. Or what we already have the ingredients for if I am late going to the grocery store, like I am this week.

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