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Online Craft Club Show and Tell #26

Ooh, I was crafty this week! I had a great deal of fun, and I hope you had a satisfying week as well, no matter what your creative passion.

The first thing I finished was this apron for my mother. She cut up a pair of pants and brought it over here for me to sew up. It seems almost cheating to claim it, but I did make it, so……..yeah. It goes on the FO page. I’ll justify it by saying that she wanted me to throw it together any old way, and I refused to do that, but instead took the time to sew it properly, with finished seams, etc. It’s small because it’s not for cooking. She needs it to hold change at the estate sale she’s having this weekend. She wants to sell everything that’s not nailed down at Grandmother’s, though if you were to call and make an offer on the exterior shutters, I imagine she’d get a hammer and un-nail them for you. Unless it is raining. Then, it would be no.

IMG 0237 1

I did learn a new thing making it. I’ve been sewing for 26 years, give or take. Any time I have wanted to reinforce a seam, I have dutifully cut the threads, place the piece back on the feed dog at the point of origin, and sewed. Mama watched me do that several times (umm, it takes plenty of reinforcement for the bottom of a change apron), and asked me why I didn’t just turn the fabric. I looked at her as if she had 2 heads, mumbled “turn the fabric”, lifted the presser foot, flipped that piece and sewed on! I’d always wondered why it took me so long to sew stuff compared to Grandmother. That trick was one Mama learned from her. Mama can’t sew, but I can, and it’s a trick I will get some good use from!!

Next up is Spidey’s sweater. Yes, he’s elected to keep it. I did run out of yarn, so I grabbed some black Cascade 220 and used it doubled to finish the yoke.

IMG 0238 1

And now, I am looking for a new project. It will have to be an old one, or at least one made from old yarn, since I am still on purchasing hiatus. The good news is that these are FOs 5 and 6: soon, my pretties, soon, I will be able to shop!

Here’s how to play:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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