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Dababy Does Pushups

I found this video yesterday when I was doing some clean-up, and I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here. Back last fall, when the other kids were in football and cheerleading, they had to do pushups, and she just had to get in on the action.

dababy wee wearShe looks like such a baby there, but she’d not such a baby anymore. Yep, DaBaby is taking those first fateful steps on the potty training journey. Do you realize I have been dealing with diapers daily for 14.5 years? And for two years a few years before that? It’s hard to fathom that there might be a time in the very near future when diapers are not a part of my life. The mind boggles, I tell ya.

Not that I’m not already making plans to move her out of my room and all. Just sayin’

She’s wearing “wee-wear” about half the time now, and when my pocket trainers get here, we’ll go full time. I took this picture on one of the first days she went diaper free. She had run out of undies and we were reduced to wearing just shorts. In fact, this was the day I called Mama and asked her to bring me some when she got off work.

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