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School that’s Right for You

You know, I have some interesting children. If you don’t believe that, just scroll down to the post titled “Things We’ve Said”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. OH, be careful– Don’t be sipping something. Okay, now go.

Back? Good. Having read that, I am sure you can appreciate that one of the beauties of home schooling this crew is that I don’t have to try to pound those square pegs of mine into round holes. I can help them explore what interests them, and find new solutions to problems, and we learn daily that there isn’t just one right way to do things. I want that kind of education to continue for them, even after I’m not the one teaching them. I”m thinking that not all of them will prosper in a traditional university setting. Like most folks, my children learn better when they can get their hands on a thing, which is NOT a strong suit of most colleges. The co op idea behind Kettering seems like it would be of real benefit to kinesthetic learners. Encouraging students to put classroom knowledge into real world situations can only be of benefit. It’s late and my mind is having trouble putting this into words, but the picture in my mind is of a chemical reaction. You have one chemical in a beaker, and then you add another, and all of a sudden you have this bubbly, fizzy something that is bigger and better than either chemical can be on it’s on. That’s practical experience added to book knowledge, see. Bigger, better….fizzy.

I had an opportunity this evening to watch some videos put out by Kettering University, promoting their mechanical engineering program. They are pretty well done, and made me giggle, which is pretty unusual in a college advertisement video. Here, take a look for yourself:

And Kettering has been named by US News and World Report as “the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering”. When you visit the site, check out the article: US News Best Colleges. I’m thinking that I need to keep this school in mind, particularly for Stuntman, who invented the “mom detector” not too long ago. Besides, the young man whose picture was on the home page of the site when I first visited had a mischievous twinkly-eyed look just like the one my oldest boy frequently wears.

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