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Is it Spring?

I tell you, the weather here has been crazy. I don’t mean extreme temps so much as I mean wildly fluctuating temps. A couple of weeks ago, I was outside in shirt sleeves, Sunday it was cold, like in the 30s when we woke up, and sometime this week, it’s supposed to be over 75. I keep expecting a nice orderly progression of temperatures and I keep not getting it, ykwim? Regardless, it’s about time to get the backyard ready for Spring and Summer. There’s trash out there that needs to be gathered up, and the swing sets need the swings put back on them. Do your kids take the sets off the swing for no apparent reason? Mine do, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. They don’t do one bit of good just sitting there in the yard, do they?

And I need to get on some lesson plans. I told you I ordered all those books for Country. Did I tell you they got here? Well, they did. It is hard to believe it, but in May that child will start her 9th grade math book. How did that happen? Just yesterday I walked into her room and found her 18 month old self asleep across the saddle of her bouncing horse. I took a picture of her butt, because it was so funny. I’d show it to you, except it’s a paper picture. All I can say from this point in my mothering journey is that all that stuff they say about time flying is true. The days are indeed long, but the years pass in a flash. Can someone please tell me though, why is it that once we endure and struggle to turn the wild things into sensible human beings, it’s time for them to leave home just as we achieve some measure of success?

Spidey needs some more plans written as well, so I’ve got plenty of desk time coming the rest of the week. Hehe, at least I can turn on the mp3 player and tune out the distractions. Whether or not I can keep myself from reading Country’s books as I go is another question entirely.

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