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GiveAway: Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse

www.randomhouse.comooh, I got a goodie today. Oh yes, indeed! Today I got a copy of Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse by Kay and Liv Hansen, and I am already drooling over Matt’s upside down cakes. Itty Bitty pineapple, pear or plum upside down cakes, ya’ll!!! Too cute by half, and calorie friendly, to boot! Umm, well, as calorie friendly as butter and brown sugar can get.

In addition to Matt’s wee cakes, there are coffee chocolate chip muffins, coffee pecan pound cakes, and itty bitty cheesecakes, too! And spiders and lady bugs! And flowers! And even tiny Christmas trees! Ya’ll!! DaBaby just said “oooh, Christmas”!!! Ok, yes, you caught me. I wrote this entry as I was looking through the book for the first time.

I’ll be looking for some mini cake pans the next time I go shopping, and in the meantime I can make some decadent cupcakes. Yeah, there are incredibly intricate and detailed cupcakes in here, too. In fact, the whole cookbook gave me a Alice in Wonderland feeling. You oughta see the bee! And the flowers. This is seriously the absolutely cutest cookbook I own. Hands-down. The good news is that it can also be the cutest cookbook you own. That’s right: we’re having another giveaway. I told you to be looking for it, right?

Ok, here’s the drill. For one entry, leave a comment. For two entries, blog about the contest, linking back to this post. Comments are moderated on this blog, so if your comment doesn’t show up right away, just check back in a bit. The contest will start when I hit publish and end at midnight Sunday the 10th of March, EST. I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 11th.

Give me Coffee. And Wool.

I think I may have mentioned a time or two that I like coffee, and I like it a lot. In fact, I guzzle so much coffee on an average day that a capresso coffee machine might actually be considered a reasonable investment. Lately, I have been enjoying flavored coffee drinks in the evenings along with my knitting. It’s just a real cozy, feel good thing to do.

Speaking of knitting, today could be the day on the Wallaby. Just sayin’. I need about three inches on the hood. And to seam a sleeve. And to weave in a few ends. But all that could happen while I listen to narrations today. Freals.

Also, I’m noticing that none of you have hazarded a guess as to what it is. Are you all skeered of the bigness coming to get you, or what?

Cass, how big can it get?

It can get real big ya’ll. It can get so big that you would not be able to get your hands around it. So huge, in fact, that grown women cry just thinking about it. I am talking about a level of bigness that is just plain scary, and I love big. Big is good, and bigger is better, but the recent bout of dampness has me rethinking my options, considering dehumidifiers and slathering on various oils and cremes just to try to handle the monstrous size of it all.

Your mission: guess what it is.

Click it and Knit it

or crochet it. or cross-stitch it. or needlepoint it. MicroRevolt’s knitPro is making a statement while making patterns. Check them out to see what I mean.

Lock-ins are for knitting

Well, I took the Wallaby. And I finished the yoke. And then I did the neck ribbing. And then I got almost halfway up the hood before I ran out of yarn! I didn’t sleep a wink last night, didn’t even lay down, and even though I slept several hours today, I am still so tired it’s not even funny. I need a vacation to recover from my lock-in! In a less responsibility-filled world, I could look into flights to Canada and maybe visit with the Yarn Harlot. Or at least hang out an Lettuce Knit and perhaps fondle yarn that she has touched. Fame by association or something, HA!

Of course, the fact that she just posed her three current sock projects in the SNOW are giving me a bit of pause, but I’m thinking that the gorgeous cardie she just finished may overcome my aversion to cold. I suppose I could wait until it warms up there. Surely it must approach at least 60F in mid-July, right? 😉

Online Craft Club Show and Tell #23

The answer is yes! Yes, I did find time to knit last night. Yes, I did finish the second sleeve. Yes, I did get it all joined up, and in fact, I got as far as starting the placket, as evidenced by the stitch markers in front. Yes, Carla, those are the ones you sent me! I have a sleepover with the youth tonight, and I am debating between this and socks and a charity hat. Part of the debate consists of trying to convince myself that a garter stitch yoke will look fine, especially with a garter stitch hood. Opinions?

IMG 0135

Oh, one more thing. Someone asked about a blogroll. Is that something that interests ya’ll?

Now, what have you been up to?
Here’s how to play:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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I’ll be mailing stuff!

If you are expecting a package from me, it’s time to start checking your mailbox. They went out Wednesday (I know I said Tuesday, but dh forgot) so you should have them any day. The good news for those of you who aren’t expecting a package is that some day soon you could be! I’ve enjoyed the recent giveaways I’ve done, and I think I have a hot lead on a few more, and I’m thinking this is going to become a regular feature here at CassKnits! I’m thinking once a month, but I’m not quite sure how it will all come together, so just keep checking back, ok? And, also, let me know what you want to see up for grabs!

Now, about mailing the packages. I have horrible handwriting. I’ve had horrible handwriting most of my life. Yes, there was an all-too-brief period in my early thirties when folks could decipher it, but through a combination of always-in-a-hurry and persnickety joints, it’s just not easy for me to write. That’s why I rely on paypal to print mailing labels, and when that fails, I use address stickers for my return address. I got a bunch with some checks I ordered, and then a few more from this and that charity, and I am totally spoiled now. Of course, I only have ones that say my name, so I am thinking that it might make sense to order some that say Cass Knits! instead. VistaPrint is offering a sweet deal just now:

Use coupon code “BlogAddress75” at checkout to receive 75% off address labels

I’ve used them in the past for business cards and such, and I’ve always been happy with the quality and the speedy shipping. Heh, you know me, I want it and I want it NOW, so when I say someone has speedy shipping, I do mean speedy, especially considering it’s custom printed, ykwim? And I think address labels with my header logo on them would be awesome cool.

And you will too, when one shows up in your mailbox 😛

I keep meaning to knit

Seriously, I do. I keep meaning to knit, and babies keep wanting to sit on my lap instead. The knitting gets shoved aside. That’s the way it is. Consequently, the body and sleeves are NOT yet joined on the Wallaby, and in fact, I don’t even have two full sleeves yet. Now you and I both know that tomorrow is Online Craft Club, so today’s burnng question is this: will Cass or will Cass not find time to knit 16 rows on a sleeve and one round on a sweater so as to present a joined Wallaby for show and tell tomorrow?

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