sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Found ’em!

I did find my buttons, right in the sewing cabinet where I thought they would be. I finished the weaving and then had to have a little lie down. Oh, have I mentioned that I am sick? Well, I am. I was with the boys at Scouts Monday night my throat suddenly slammed shut and started hurting. I am not having fun, boys and girls, Not at all.

I have discovered that it takes a couple of hours for a dose of ibuprofen to fully kick in, but that relief lasts about 4 hours after that. I’ve also discovered that when you have a fever, adding extra clothes does not help your coldness, but cuddling with a heating pad under the blankets does. I’ve also discovered that I lack energy to keep up with all my blogs, but that when I do have something to say, I come here to say it. So much for focused blogging, eh? Sigh.

Oh, I remembered something else I meant to tell ya! Tomorrow I am going to start organizing a crafting area for myself. That sounds pretty high-falutin’ for a loveseat with a lamp and a short bookshelf and a small hutch, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get, even if it is a wall directly across from the school bookshelves 😉

And on the cooking front, I got another cookbook today. If I can keep from drooling all over it, I will tell you about it tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you about it either way, but it will be easier if the pages aren’t all wet and sticky, don’t you think? Speaking of cookbooks, don’t forget to check out the giveaway in the sidebar for the cutest cookbook ev-ar.

Finally, I had a comment that someone was having difficulty coming up with a G-rated answer to my big riddle from the other day. And of course, you know it had to be G-rated, right? The big thing in question was my crazy curly hair, not whatever it was that most of you were apparently thinking. Whatever that was, because surely I have no idea. This is important, because I tried a shampoo sample today, and tomorrow I will tell you about it, after I see how BIG my hair is. I’m hoping for something between Sinead O’Connor and Dolly Parton. Come to think of it, that would mean I like my hair to be just like my spectaculars.

Nope, that wasn’t finally. This is finally, I think: Diva has decided English is boring, and has developed a sedegecret ladaganguage. Wedege aredagar adagall tadagalking fudugunny nodogow. Hadaga, Hadaga. And making dh crazy, Hadaga hadaga hadaga.

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