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GiveAway: Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse

www.randomhouse.comooh, I got a goodie today. Oh yes, indeed! Today I got a copy of Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse by Kay and Liv Hansen, and I am already drooling over Matt’s upside down cakes. Itty Bitty pineapple, pear or plum upside down cakes, ya’ll!!! Too cute by half, and calorie friendly, to boot! Umm, well, as calorie friendly as butter and brown sugar can get.

In addition to Matt’s wee cakes, there are coffee chocolate chip muffins, coffee pecan pound cakes, and itty bitty cheesecakes, too! And spiders and lady bugs! And flowers! And even tiny Christmas trees! Ya’ll!! DaBaby just said “oooh, Christmas”!!! Ok, yes, you caught me. I wrote this entry as I was looking through the book for the first time.

I’ll be looking for some mini cake pans the next time I go shopping, and in the meantime I can make some decadent cupcakes. Yeah, there are incredibly intricate and detailed cupcakes in here, too. In fact, the whole cookbook gave me a Alice in Wonderland feeling. You oughta see the bee! And the flowers. This is seriously the absolutely cutest cookbook I own. Hands-down. The good news is that it can also be the cutest cookbook you own. That’s right: we’re having another giveaway. I told you to be looking for it, right?

Ok, here’s the drill. For one entry, leave a comment. For two entries, blog about the contest, linking back to this post. Comments are moderated on this blog, so if your comment doesn’t show up right away, just check back in a bit. The contest will start when I hit publish and end at midnight Sunday the 10th of March, EST. I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 11th.

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