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What’s in a Name?

Last night, I went over to my mom’s to help her sort some stuff (read that yarn) she’s planning to sell at the estate sale at Grandmother’s next month. Hmm, can’t really call it Grandmother’s estate sale, can we?? Even though that’s what it really is. Weird the way words are, huh? Anyway, while I was there the KITT movie came on, and since I had planned to watch it from the time I heard the first commercial, I parked (hahahahah, parked) myself on the couch beside my daddy and we watched KITT. Umm, ya’ll, I love that car. I have loved that car for 25 years. And if you doubt the fervor with which I adore this car, I say it the same way I say blue-faced leicester. Yeah, like that.I would totally marry that car, ok? Do you realize I have yet to say the name of the movie? That’s because I don’t know it, but I know the name KITT, don’t I? So, my point is that it doesn’t matter what the movie was called, once I heard the name KITT, I was hooked.

Now that was kinda funny, and a way to introduce you to a program called lifelock. Lifelock protects you from identity theft. It’s keeps your good name in good standing. Let me give you a more realistic example of what a good name means. My grandparents lived in a very small town. I had gone to see them one day, and I needed gas to get back home, so I pulled into the gas station. I was about 16 or 17 years old, and I had a checking account because I had a job, and this was back in the day, yk? I lived in a small town, too, about an hour away. (It’s maybe worth noting that I now live in the same town, only it’s much larger and only 45 minutes away, but their town is the same size, LOL.) Anyway, I pumped my gas and went in to pay and the clerk said “we don’t take out of town checks.” Well, oops, the gas had already been pumped. I looked him right in the eye and said “My granddad’s name is R—– C—–, and I’m here almost every week to see him”, and the clerk said “that will be fine then”, and he took my check based on Granddad’s good name and reputation. That’s the kind of legacy a person can have. ( I’ll also add that it’s a big legacy to live up to, but I’ll do that on another day ;))

Of course, today, it’s a different world, and people like to steal your good name, and when they do, you can bet it’s ruined. An organization like lifelock can prevent that, and they can also protect your children’s identities, too. Oh yeah, kids are also vulnerable. Their credit is guaranteed clean, see. That’s a scary thought, but there are people out their who will take a child’s name and SSN and use it and ruin it before they are even old enough to drive, let alone get credit.

Now, back to helping Mama with her yarn. If you’ve been reading for more than a day or two, you know I have a pink problem. A problem with pink. An issue with yarns of the hue of deliciousness. So, there was this bin of yarns, mostly acrylic, and even some kinds I hate, and it was all pink, and there it was, and it was so beautiful in it’s pinkness, and somehow I ended up asking for that bin of assorted pinkish yarns, and last night while I was watching my dream man car, I kinda started a blanket out of those assorted pink yarns. Sigh. Another WIP. But at least it’s pink!

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