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Batman has a bad day

Ooh La la, but Batman has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Yes indeedy, Bob, he has. It started last night around midnight, when he puked. Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, just hurl. He spent the rest of the night camped out by my bed, but was up and around with his bedroll already cleaned up before I even rolled over this morning, bragging to his sibs about how he got fruit snacks in the middle of the night. (BTW, You can really gross out the rest of your kids if you look in the front loader and say something like, “oh, look, Batman had corn for dinner.” Not that I would do that. Unless the opportunity presented itself.)

Then, this morning, after years of being told NOT to throw things in the house, he launched a Tupperware container at Stuntman. Unfortunately for Batman, Stuntman ducked and that container hit the sliding glass door “just so”, and shattered the inner panel. If you have ever wondered just how much glass there is in a sliding glass door, let me show you.


This much.

To wrap up his 18 hours of misery, we went through his mountain of clothing. I kid you not, the pile covered his bed and was over a foot deep. After returning what belonged to his brothers (and a couple of things belonging to his baby sister), we sorted his stuff until all his drawers open and close freely. Enh, I can’t really call that misery, as he was pretty happy with the end result.

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