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Online Craft Club Show and Tell #24

Oh ya’ll. The stuffed up sinus thing has begun. I haven’t slept properly in two nights. I have no witty rejoinders today, only pictures.

The modeled Wallaby:

IMG 0154

A close-up of the finished Sonnet:

IMG 0157

After I finished these, I worked some on the scrap blanket. I think I will begin to re-make Spidey’s striped sweater shortly. I plan to model it after sweetness.

I also want to do a little (ok, a lot) of work on the craft area. I don;t suppose it’s logical to buy a couple of those big parrot cages to store my yarn in, right? What about a smaller bird cage that I could suspend from the ceiling? Yeah, you know that would be gor-jus. My cousin uses one to hold candles and colored stones in her living room, and it is so attractive and unique. I think hanks of yarn would look so good half falling out of the slots, don’t you?

Now, what have you been up to?
Here’s how to play:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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That’s what I need, a shoehorn! Because, see all this??

IMG 0155

I have to fold, spindle and mutilate it until it all fits in here, minus the stuff on the top of that cart, what has already been moved, if you can call putting on top of that already horrendously large pile “moved”.

IMG 0156

So, yeah. Got a shoehorn?

But it’s gonna be screamin’ fine to sit on that loveseat there and stitch, don’t you think?

I Got Naked Naturally

It seemed only appropriate to give this post as racy a title as possible, considering my riddle from the other day, and the name of the product I am going to tell you about. And also, because the package said the case study was based on virgin hair, and so my natural smarty pants retort was “hmmmm wonder how it’s gonna work for me then??” Yes, it’s true. I am a crazy woman. Okay, on to the point!

IMG 0151I told you last night that I had tried a new shampoo, and I am now ready to report on it. It’s a natural shampoo, which is something I have never used before, and if you look at the site, there are three varieties: colored hair, moisturizing and fortifying. Apparently, someone has been telling tales, because the sample they sent me was for color-treated hair. It was also lavender. Have I mentioned I usually detest lavender? But the smell of this was light and pleasant, so I actually enjoyed it! It lathered up very well, nice and rich, and left my hair soft. Now, remember I have curly hair, and curly hair is dry hair, so the fact that it was soft is a big bonus. I can trade any number of exciting features for shampoo that leaves me with soft hair, but with naked naturals, there’s nothing to trade. Smells good, cleans well, and it contains Keravis, which makes your hair stronger! (Also, that’s where the virgin hair tests came in. Snicker. Just Sayin’)

I still have a use or two left, and I do plan to use it all up. Here’s what the folks at Naked Naturals didn’t know when they sent me the samples: I am actively shampoo shopping. I’m looking for the product line that’s going to give me the best curl definition. That’s really the only thing I didn’t like about this shampoo, it left my hair feeling great and ready to curl, but not curly, and there are no styling products in the line. I’m thinking that I want to try their moisturizing products, just to see how they do, and if those don’t give me good definition, then I’ll just use some of the curl cremes I have here, which is what I did yesterday and today. I’m just anal and like all my bottle to match. I’ve also been known to consider organizing my yarn by color. Feel free to call me a weirdo. It won’t be the first time 😛

Found ’em!

I did find my buttons, right in the sewing cabinet where I thought they would be. I finished the weaving and then had to have a little lie down. Oh, have I mentioned that I am sick? Well, I am. I was with the boys at Scouts Monday night my throat suddenly slammed shut and started hurting. I am not having fun, boys and girls, Not at all.

I have discovered that it takes a couple of hours for a dose of ibuprofen to fully kick in, but that relief lasts about 4 hours after that. I’ve also discovered that when you have a fever, adding extra clothes does not help your coldness, but cuddling with a heating pad under the blankets does. I’ve also discovered that I lack energy to keep up with all my blogs, but that when I do have something to say, I come here to say it. So much for focused blogging, eh? Sigh.

Oh, I remembered something else I meant to tell ya! Tomorrow I am going to start organizing a crafting area for myself. That sounds pretty high-falutin’ for a loveseat with a lamp and a short bookshelf and a small hutch, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get, even if it is a wall directly across from the school bookshelves 😉

And on the cooking front, I got another cookbook today. If I can keep from drooling all over it, I will tell you about it tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you about it either way, but it will be easier if the pages aren’t all wet and sticky, don’t you think? Speaking of cookbooks, don’t forget to check out the giveaway in the sidebar for the cutest cookbook ev-ar.

Finally, I had a comment that someone was having difficulty coming up with a G-rated answer to my big riddle from the other day. And of course, you know it had to be G-rated, right? The big thing in question was my crazy curly hair, not whatever it was that most of you were apparently thinking. Whatever that was, because surely I have no idea. This is important, because I tried a shampoo sample today, and tomorrow I will tell you about it, after I see how BIG my hair is. I’m hoping for something between Sinead O’Connor and Dolly Parton. Come to think of it, that would mean I like my hair to be just like my spectaculars.

Nope, that wasn’t finally. This is finally, I think: Diva has decided English is boring, and has developed a sedegecret ladaganguage. Wedege aredagar adagall tadagalking fudugunny nodogow. Hadaga, Hadaga. And making dh crazy, Hadaga hadaga hadaga.


Two oysters walked into a bar, heaved themselves up onto stools, and breathed hefty sighs of relief. One looked at the bartender and said, “At least we’re safe!!” and the other said, “Yeah, cause Cass won’t come in here!” Hahahahaha, yeah, ok, a little lame, I know, but I do enjoy oysters!

I am blessed to live on the coast, here in God’s Country, so I get local oysters. I enjoy them roasted and fried, but I can’t eat very many at a time if they are fried–it’s just too rich. When we have family reunions on my dad’s side, there are almost always oysters, and it’s always fun standing around jaw-jackin’ and oyster shuckin’. Even more fun is when I time my arrival just right, and my dad is out there shucking, because then, I don’t have too, LOL!

I was surprised today to learn that some people have to be careful with oyster consumption, though. I mean, I knew not to eat them if they weren’t harvested during “R” months, and I knew to cut back during pregnancy, because they contain mercury, but apparently there is a bacteria in oysters that can cause a problem for certain at-risk people. You can find out more about that at Be Oyster Aware. Whether you are “stuck with” Gulf oysters or get to enjoy glorious low country oysters like me, be safe. If you are at-risk, just make sure your oysters are thoroughly cooked.

Changed my mind

Ok, so Spidey wasn’t as excited about his sweater as he used to be, and I wasn’t in the mood to work on the afghan, so….. I worked on Sonnet. I kinda decided that either I had lost the last ball of yarn climbing in and out of cars the week Grandmother died, or else my hands had joined it in without my mind realizing what I was doing, and that it was time to finish the thing with what I had. Accordingly, I ripped back the one sleeve so I could lengthen the other, and end up with two that were the same length. The end result is a short-sleeved Sonnet that is going to look mighty fine once I lose another 10 pounds (that will put me about where I was when I started it). I may have to wear a t-shirt under it, because at this point, it’s just a tad low cut.

Anyway, the knitting is done, and I just need to weave ends and put on the buttons, and you’ll see it finished on Friday. That’s right, a two-fer!

PS: Umm, have ya’ll seen the buttons? Microsoft Software Store

Sometimes I just love being a homeschooler. Well, I love it all the time (umm, most of the time??), but sometimes there are financial incentives to homeschooling. Occasionally those financial incentives are enough to begin to offset the cost of some of our books, and such is the case right now at CostCaptain! They have Microsoft products, including Vista upgrades and Office 2007, at academic prices.

You do have to provide proof of academic eligibility, but most states supply you with some sort of paperwork, so that is not difficult to do. Looks like it may be time to find my orange card again. See, the computer we were letting the girls use has died. I’m going to have to replace it. And all the software that was on it, because before it’s final crash, dh reloaded Windows on it. No, that’s wrong. He tried to reload Windows, and the system never came back up. Oops!

BTW, if you know a homeschooler, also offers gift certificates, and the customer service is reputed to be excellent!
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Wallaby Complete

Here’s a teaser:
IMG 0149

You will get a better picture on Friday, LOL! I think I will work on this next:

unless it’s this:

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